Sex After Cancer

We all know someone who has undergone cancer treatment—maybe you have yourself. The treatment itself can be invasive and draining. But once the treatment is done, and you’re feeling better, it’s only normal that you’d like to resume intimacy with your partner.

But cancer treatment can change our sex lives, according to an article on “You may not be in the mood as often,” the article states, “and physical side effects can leave you feeling self-conscious.”

The article points out that while some of the after-effects of cancer treatment can disappear fairly quickly, others can last for months or years. Vaginal dryness, for example, can make sex painful.

But there are other ways to bring back those intimate moments—the article suggests kissing or cuddling if you or your partner aren’t in the mood for sex. For vaginal dryness, Pure Romance offers a number of products to help make sex less painful.

This is also the time that it’s so important to have an open and honest relationship with your partner, according to the article. Talk about what makes you uncomfortable, what you are self-conscious about, and what feels better. Maybe you are more sensitive now in other parts of your body than before. Once the discussion starts, you and your partner can work together to get that spark back.

For those of you who have finished your treatments and you’re cancer-free, congratulations! We are so proud of you and we hope you continue to have many more happy, healthy years with your partner. And don’t forget, Pure Romance is here to help you navigate your way back to a fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Want to learn more about sex after cancer? Read the article here.

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