ALL Relationships Are Royalty!

Did you get up bright and early last Saturday morning to watch the royal wedding? (Well, it wasn’t very bright at 4:30 a.m. when I was up!) Millions around the world took time out to watch Prince Harry, whom we have watched grow up, mourned with him in his sorrow and celebrated in his joy,  marry his American princess, Meghan Markle.

What fascinates us about relationships like this? Maybe it’s the relationship itself and how two people with vastly different backgrounds can meet and connect the way they seemingly do. Relationships are important for all of us, whether they are with a partner or with our friends.

An article by Harvard researchers indicates that meaningful relationships are important for our emotional, mental and physical health. “Good, close relationships appear to buffer us from the problems of getting old,” according to Dr. Robert Waldinger with Massachusetts General Hospital.

The article outlines a decades-old study of what made people happy as they aged. The findings include:

  • Social connections appear to be good for health
  • Loneliness appears to be toxic
  • Relationship quality matters “Living in conflict, such as in a high-conflict marriage, is bad for your health. Living in the midst of warm relationships is perhaps protective,” said Dr. Waldinger.
  • Good relationships seem to protect our brain. “Being in a securely attached relationship is protective in your 80s,” he said. “Those people’s memories stay sharper longer.”

As Pure Romance consultants, we’re in the relationship business. Sure, we make our parties fun and that’s part of getting together with your girlfriends to enjoy an evening out. But we want your relationship with your partner to be constructive, too. There’s scientific proof to show that it’s good for you, well into your golden years!

So to Meghan and Harry, we wish them a long, healthy relationship and a long, healthy life. And if you’d like to read more of the Harvard article, check it out here.

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