Booking Summer Pure Romance Parties

Have you ever noticed how stores like Target will have next season’s merchandise on display months before that season has arrived? For instance, we sometimes will get frustrated because we are looking for Halloween décor and they are pushing Christmas items! They might not get you to purchase something for the upcoming holiday that day, but they did succeed in getting you to start thinking about it and saving money so you can come back and buy something soon. According to the National Retail Association, 40% of holiday shoppers say they begin shopping before Halloween. Retailers understand this and they are planning ahead, and rightly so. When you own and operate your own Pure Romance business, it’s no different.

When I was a Consultant, I would start putting away $20 from each party beginning in January; this was my holiday shopping fund. I was holding about 10 parties a month so I was averaging $200 a month, totaling a few thousand by the time I started shopping for gifts. If I didn’t plan ahead, I knew there wouldn’t be any money set aside to make it a special Christmas for my children.

The same principle applies when it comes to any season. Summer doesn’t mean “summer break” when you’re a business owner (or a parent for that matter!). Some might be tempted to rest on their laurels, but if you’re smart and dedicated to being successful, you’ll put a long-term plan in place to keep your customers engaged.

As parents, our obligations often sky rocket during the summer. There are family vacations, the kids are home from school, we have to schedule baby sitters – I get it. I was in your shoes as a Consultant once, too. This is a busy time for your Hostesses, as well. However, there are many great ways to make keep her interest and make your business also sky rocket. Below are some great tips to do just that!

  • Think like Target or Saks Fifth Avenue do! Plan, plan, and then plan some more!
  • Help the Hostess make her party a fun event that people want to attend! Suggest a theme party (Pinterest boards from Amanda) such as a Luau Party, Spa Party, Naughty Nautical (Bachelorette) Party, or even a 50 Shades of Grey party – over a million copies of the latest installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey series (Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian sold) have flown off the shelf since the week it was released! If it’s toward the end of the summer, host a Mommy’s Back to School Bash!

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  • Up the Hostess Credits: tell the Hostess if she encourages her guests to bring an additional guest and hits a specific goal of buying customers, she will get an extra discount, or small gift.
  • If you are sending the party invites, add an incentive to guests who bring a guest with them to the party.
  • Further entice guests with a $100 raffle giveaway (that you have already earned in free product).
  • Build and train your team: when you start bringing on other Consultants as part of your Downline, it helps you to be a leader and helps teach them how to run a successful business.
  • Look for inspiration; you can’t imagine how creative you will become once you open your mind to new ideas and ways to market and grow your business. For example, when you log into the COO, check out The Community tab in the top right-hand corner. This is an amazing online resource where Consultants can make suggestions, ask questions and get additional ideas. There are currently videos on there of our top Consultants including tips on Summer Sales.
  • Keep things NEW! People love anything novel. You become stagnant if you do the same thing every day – what makes the “Pure Romance Special” specialif it’s the same thing every time? We are offering new products four times a year so there’s constantly opportunity to market your business! There’s absolutely no excuse!

The Pure Romance corporate office and top Consultants are also proud to lead by example. Our Board has already planned ahead for product line transitions through 2016. We are so impassioned with thinking ahead on how we can make Pure Romance better, and this is a good attitude to take on at every level of the business!

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