The Men of Pure Romance

imageI was so pleased to see the response we received from the Father’s Day Men of Romance blog series last week. It was probably one of the most fun blogs I’ve had the opportunity to do. We often hear the cliché that “behind every great (and successful) man, there’s a great woman.” I think in this case we see that the reverse is often true! In this business, I work directly with the Pure Romance Consultants and don’t often get to meet the husbands and fathers who support them. There’s often the assumption that it’s one person’s obligation to keep things going, but these couples are showing us that there’s teamwork on both sides to keep a marriage and family on track. Even better, they aren’t just talking about how to do it, they are showing their children and all of us by example.

The way that the responses were written, it’s easy for people to think that their lives are fairytales, but they know that everyone has bumps in the road in life and it’s all about how you deal with them. These couples have a plan in place and have one another’s backs – it was a true inspiration!

Dad collage


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