Sizzling Summer Makeup Looks + Giveaway


Guest Blog By Ed Blevins, Patty’s personal makeup artist and Saks Fifth Avenue YSL makeup artist

Summer is in full swing! This is the time to make sure your skin is in tip-top shape. Here are a few of my favorite products to help you maintain a healthy glow and always look fresh.

  • Put your winter foundation away and try a lightweight tinted-moisturizer with a SPF. I like Laura Mercier; it comes in quite a few different formulas to go with all skin types.
  • Add a compact pressed powder; it provides more coverage and can be easier to travel with than loose powder.
  • Try Chanel’s LES BEIGES new powders and bronzers. They have an amazing finish.
  • If you’re more on the oily side, Bobbie Brown and Clinique offer blotting papers that absorb oil without removing your makeup.
  • And my favorite part of makeup: color. This year’s spring and summer look has included a throw back to the 80s with the “bronze goddess” reappearing (with a splash of color). Coral is the color to try this year to stay current. It can be blush or lip stick, and don’t forget the eyes can go from clean and natural to a full pop of color.

So on your next visit to your favorite cosmetics counter, ask to try some thing new. Make up is not permanent, just your smile is!

Patty’s Pick: See what Patty’s using this season in the YSL coral palette. Patty’s Tip: Don’t be intimidated by the price tag! You can easily use the colors of this YSL palette to find a similar, more affordable palette.”

A note from Patty’s desk: I wanted to treat my subscribers to a few of Ed’s favorite things. One of my lucky blog followers will win a gift to help enhance her summer look.  Good Luck!

*To enter to win:

-Comment on the blog: For example, what’s your favorite summer makeup essential?

-Must be a blog subscriber.


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  1. Sharon Denninger

    SPF lip moisturizer is my must have!!

  2. Melissa Messenger

    Thanks for the summer tips! My favorite makeup essential is my mascara! My favorite make up product that I do use year round is my bronzer and my favorite make up color to wear on my eyes in summer is a gold and tan color!

  3. sulrick

    Sunscreen and a great mascara! Most days that is all I use!

  4. Yara Horta

    During summer my makeup essentials are bronzer + mascara + coral lip gloss. This help me increase the tan look in my face.

    My favorite makeup product is the lip gloss because even with my sunglasses only, I can have my “natural” summer sexy look. The cleaner and moisturizer are also a must!

    This summer I’m in a beach mode look with lots of corals, blues, yellow and green! I decided this because I wanted a very happy & refreshing look!!!
    Crossing my fingers to be a lucky winner!!! 🙂

  5. Amanda stroman

    my favorite must have is my mascara and lip gloss!!

  6. Megan Steinlage

    Love these tips! My favorite make up essentials are a BB Cream, mascara, and bronzer. It makes my fair skin have a summery glow and the BB cream helps keep my skin protected from the sun and has anti-aging benefits all in one. I think mascara opens my eyes up so they smile at my customers!

  7. Renee Morales

    for the summer im using corals, blues, yellow and green

  8. Ashley Ellis

    I love Coral
    Colored makeup! It’s the main color of my wedding in November! I love adding a shimmery coral blush to my cheeks to have a fresh, summer glow! It makes you look bright and cheery! I also use it in my eyeshadows as well!!

  9. Patty Marmann

    Thank You for these tips! My favorite Summer Make Up Essential is Powder because it gives great coverage for my tan summer skin and is light weight. Great tip about using pressed instead of loose… 🙂

  10. Nicole

    Thanks for the tips! I love Laura Mercier products. I’ll have to try their tinted moisturizer.

  11. Courtney Higgins

    My makeup essential is mascara, my favorite summer make up product is eye brightener by Bobbie Brown, favorite color to wear is coral! Coral always looks great with a tan and really stands out with my daily use of Pure Romances Body Dew!

  12. Julie

    My Summer makeup essentials are Buxom Lip Gloss in “sarina”, Nars Blush in shade of “orgasm”, my Naked brand eye shadow collection in bronze & natural warm colors, Urban Decay eyeliner in “perversion” & my Guerlain Noir exceptional complete mascara (best mascara ever!). I don’t wear foundation or powder. I find it’s too heavy & make me look older. I love lots of moisturizer and I’m always switching brands.

  13. Samantha k

    Awesome tips! ! My summer essential is my mascara. I have super blonde eye lashes with out it. My face gets sun kissed just right and I have naturally rosy cheeks so my mascara adds just the perfect accent!

  14. JoEllen Williams

    my favorite summer makeup starts with my moisturizer. followed by my foundation and fun eye shadows

  15. Audra Duby

    Great tips! During the summer, I forgo my liquid foundation and stick to a compact powder.

  16. Melissa Clark

    I’ve never been one to wear makeup. At prom 20 years ago, the only makeup I wore was mascara. Since I’m getting older, I kinda wished I actually knew how to apply makeup. I have three daughters (ages 12, 9 and 6) who will want to know how to put on makeup one day. I wouldn’t even know where to start. If I had to pick a piece of makeup essential to summer, I would have to say lip gloss with SPF sunblock :0)

  17. Brandy Martin

    My essentials for summer are bronzer, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and Kiss and Tell. The Kiss and tell is my favorite, but the other ones are must haves. Thank you for the great tips!!!

  18. Laura Moran

    Great tips! My summertime essentials are ALWAYS mascara, blush & lipstick. It all rounds out the color on my face! And don’t forget the sunblock outdoors, too!

  19. Janell Goetz

    My favorite summer essential is a tinted moisturizer with SPF. It is lightweight and provides me enough coverage to even out my skin tones and provides sunblock.

  20. Erin Roundy

    These tips are great!
    I love coral! I’m so excited to make it pop!

  21. Amie Lea Heller

    Thanks for the tips! I really like my lightweight tinted moisturizer that is just a hint of color with SPF, but I am struggling with covering redness without the heavier makeup. I have rosacea and it comes through with the lighter coverage. Do you have a suggestion for using the lightweight tinted moisturizer and having adequate coverage for redness? Patty always looks so flawless so you must know what you are doing. Thank you!!!

    Amie Lea

  22. Sky Huertas

    I absolutely love a moisturizer with SPF! Oh, and I’ve been experimenting with pink and red lipsticks!

  23. kristen mcclary

    my summer must have is my chapstick the heat really messes with my lips so i always have to have it around. thanks for a great giveaway

  24. passionistaatlarge

    Essential is mascara!! Always. And a rosy lip gloss. I love the perkiness of coral. I use bronzer to give my face a healthy glow all year long.

  25. LatonyaCarroll-Hampshire

    I enjoy a little extra color with my shades in summer it is a fun way to brighten up. Thanks for sharing tips. Although I haven’t tried coral I may be up for something different.

  26. Heather Carrier

    Ed helped me add color into my makeup routine. The coral lip has been a go-to since I returned home from “Professionista” in Cincinnati. I love how a pop of color changes up a look! Thank you again Patty, Ed, Emily W & Sue B. Time of my life 🙂

  27. Christina Hile

    My summer must have is a tinted moisturizer with a SPF.

    My favorite new mascara is Better Than Sex, it lengthens and thickens at the same time! I don’t leave the house without it 😉

    Last but not least a pop of color on my lips and I am good to go! I have opting for a nice pink but I am going to give the coral color a try. Thanks for the tip. See you in a few weeks! Xoxo

  28. Amy Cook

    I love this color palette! My essential is my lip gloss. Even when I don’t have time to throw on some makeup, I can always find a second to brush on some gloss.

  29. Risa Moriarty

    Moisturizer and Meet Me in Tahiti mixed together is my summer must have 🙂

  30. Sherrie Sherrill

    I really appreciate the tips.. I’m not the greatest when it comes to makeup, but I never go without my eyeliner and mascara when I do where it. Personally, I like the natural look of my cheeks (they stay a light pink year round)…. I always feel over done when I do a party, so these really help!

  31. Mary Fleming

    I love this blog! My essential is a tinted moisturizer. It’s light weight and you have a summer glow. Throw on some mascara and a great lip gloss quick easy and beautiful. Thank you for the great tips!

  32. amy minor

    I always have my powder and alot of color on ny eyes I like the new bright looks

  33. Kayla Jo Thompson

    Maskara & foundation have always been my essentials! I can’t wait to try a powder on top of a lightweight tinted moisturizer! I have always stuck with full coverage foundation my whole life, but I know my skin could sure use a break. Thank you for all the tips!

  34. Lori Woods

    My favorite summer must have is my facial moisturizer with sun screen, mascara, liquid liner, primer, eye shadow, and lip gloss. My summer colors for eye shadow are pink, gold, tan, and peach. My favorite summer lip gloss colors are Flusterose, Viva Glam VI, and Viva Glam Nicki by MAC.

    I like to have a nice clean, refreshed, and sexy look for the summer at all times. These essentials will hold up in any temperature. I have to look nice when I’m out and about because I never know when I’m going to run across my next horrid hostess! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite beauty secrets and tips!

  35. Chelsea Chauvin

    My summer essential is lipstick! I love wearing pops of color on my lips since they are my favorite physical feature. I love that coral is in and all of these tips are fabulous.

  36. Ashley Livermore

    I love a great mascara and lip gloss in the summer. It refreshes your look while not feeling too heavy. Thank you for the tips!

  37. Tiffani Frederick

    I do not tan easily, even during the summer. So my favorite thing in the summer is a good bronzer. I use it to help me have a sunkissed look while not frying myself to achieve it. To keep within my budget, I use Mary Kay’s bronzing powder in Med-Dark. I use it to contour my face and give me a beautiful summer look. 🙂 By the way, I love this blog!! ♡

  38. Kalen Clark

    My essential summer beauty product is definitely mascara. I’ve been using the same one for like 10 years! Maybelline Full n Soft never lets me down 😉

  39. Mandi Fedele

    Thanks for the great tips!
    I can’t live without my mascara and lip gloss. I am going to swap my berry color for something coral for a new look! =)

  40. Amanda Beeler

    My Dummer Essential is a nice coral or pink shimmer lip gloss, very sexy & fun! Must do a little bronzer to keep that sun kissed look!

  41. christinadragan

    For the summer I always need to use a waterproof mascara because I go to the beach a lot and I want my mascara to stay in place. Very useful tips. I also agree that a light weight coverage is needed for the summer.

  42. Stephanie Piette

    Love these tips!! My summer essentials this year have def. been my Too Faced better than sex mascara and tarte’s airbrushed powder foundation!! I NEVER go out without mascara and the foundation gives me the coverage I need while feeling lighter than air. Add in some fun eye shadow and some lip gloss then i’m all ready to rock out my PR parties! 😀 <3

  43. pasqualina tekaucic

    thank you so much for the tips Patty, will definitely try. 😉

  44. Penny Salm

    Start with moisturizer and work from there. I mix it with “Meet Me Tahiti” (I sort of stocked up!) and it gives a great glow and tan look without the damage! Lip gloss and of course mascara. Oh and brow pencil … look like a fish with my brows.

  45. Cat Burns

    I have a very hard time in the summer! I prefer to use foundation in the cooler months but I don’t like the heavy feeling of it during the summer. I definitely need something to even out my skintone. Is there a BB or CC cream that is recommended for very sensitive skin?

  46. Kelly Ellis-Neal

    My summer beauty secret is Kiss Refreshing Pheromone mist chilled in ice by the pool side it makes me feel sexy and smell super fabulous as I glisten in the sun never leave the house without wearing my favorite “in the nude” Kiss and Tell lip gloss Beach ready with a twist!

    Kelly Ellis-Neal

  47. Nikki Sherbourne

    The Summer Tips were amazing in the blog. My essential summer beauty product my experimenting with different eye shadow colors. It makes me feel free with all the different colors. I have brown eyes with a little green in them and purples, pinks, browns, and also the shadow eye looks amazing. I like to put different combinations together to make my eyes pop. Then I throw on my eye linger and mascara and I am good to go for the work day or summer fun. Can only use make up that is hypoallergenic.

  48. Becky

    My essential summer beauty product would be BB cream with SPF in it. Its the perfect multitasking cover-up for the skin during the hot summer weather!

  49. Samantha Baranowski

    May favorite summer makeup essentials are sun screen, a smile and a little bronzer to highlight my cheekbones! Be confident in your natural beauty 🙂

  50. prbyamymichelle

    My summer must have is lip gloss & a moisturizer with SPF! Coral lip-gloss is my favorite summer look right now!

  51. Rachel Tussey

    I spend lots of time on the lake during the summer so waterproof mascara is a must. But I also love the glow that NARS blush in Deep Throat provides on sunkissed skin!

  52. Carla S

    My favorite summer makeup essential is lip gloss.

  53. Chaney Coffman

    My favorite summer make up essential is a new one! I love the Hawaiian Tropic face moisturizer! It has an SPF of 30 so it helps keep my skin looking youthful:)

  54. Kristie Belton

    My favorite summer product is a light lip gloss. I love to go pretty natural in the summer!

  55. Deborah McCann

    My essential summer beauty products are my mascara and my moisturizer. Thanks for the tips on the color palate, I always have such a hard time choosing what’s right for my age 🙂

  56. kathykovak

    My favorite and most ‘go to’ summer beauty product is #1 – Body Dew! Arms, Legs – It’s a must have for me! Next would be my moisturizer with an SPF in it. Then it’s a water-proof eye liner and mascara. If I’m heading to a party, I have to have Smash Box Photo Finish and a light bronzer. Thanks for the tips!

  57. Brennda Peck

    My favorite summer beauty product is my brighter, more colorful eye shadows and eye liners. I normally wear browns, but in the summer, I love to mix things up more.

  58. Helene LIppe

    My Must HAVE item in the summer is Mascara and Natural color on the eye lids…..without it…well I just disappear. I use very light tones in Bare’s a clean look. MUST use the moisturizer first and finish with Mineral Veil.

  59. Ash Miller

    A must for me is a tinted moisturizer with SPF! I have a ton of freckles normally, but when the sun works its magic, it seems like a thousand more freckles come out of hiding! The tint helps keep them under control, but still gives me a healthy glow. Of course, mascara is a definite must too-I always curl my lashes with a warming curler, and it makes all the difference!

  60. Jessica Milbourne

    I love powdered foundation with a little glow to it. I use that with just some mascara and I have a fresh beautiful natural look. Great for the summer time!

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