Stop Crying over Spilled Milk!

In sitting down to write this blog to honor independent women everywhere, I can think of more than a handful of songs praising women who make their own money and pay their own way for what they want in life.

Which, while financial security is important to any woman’s independence, I would argue that what truly makes a woman independent is her attitude- which I like to equate to not crying over spilled milk. I have even seen some of the most financially successful women get hung up on the small things instead of focusing on the bigger picture.

The key to obtaining and truly enjoying any hard-earned independence is being able to have the final say on what is happening in our world.

So often have I heard people make excuses for why things are the way they are in their lives, but the truth of the matter is that you can have anything you want in life if you make time for it.

For example, Losing weight is attainable, you just have to make the time that you go to the gym your priority. You can feel more attractive, but you must take the time to take care of yourself. You can go back to school and fulfill your passion in life…but you will have to banish all of the excuses that have been holding you back.

There are even times in life when we are forced to make changes in our lives, especially when it comes to our health. Instead of resigning to saying “I can’t do this,” we have to step up to the plate and face our challenges head-on.

This attitude can be adopted towards anything, so long as you maintain your passion and commitment towards reaching your next goal. Wake up every morning with your goal in mind, telling yourself you will succeed, and do something everyday that will help you reach your objectives.

Believe me, if you wake up everyday waiting for someone else to give you that courage, your moment will never come.

If we allow it, we can be our own biggest obstacles. If you don’t fully believe, you won’t ever have what you want, or the independence that you deserve. It’s all there- you just have to look inside yourself.

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  1. Emma

    Hello Patty! I want to tell you how awesome the green tea body dew smells! My new husband 😀 tells me every time I use it how good it smells and he can’t keep his hands off of me! I have smelled the other body dew scents and they do not even hold a candle to the green tea. What can I do to convince you to bring that smell back?!! It is my favorite and I am SO sad that the company discontinued it. Thank you for an amazing company and for your time in this matter! 😀

  2. lejardinbleu

    I have been contemplating becoming a consultant with your company and this is the first time I read your blog and my goodness it is as though you were writing directly to me! Thank you for your words of encouragement in your latest post. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    1. Natosha Batzler

      Becoming a consultant with this company (under such an amazing woman) is the BEST thing you could do for yourself (and the ones you love)

      You are very smart for considering this opportunity!! Good luck hun! ~

      ~Natosha Batzler

  3. Shiloh Hobby

    I LOVE this story…it is awesome – I think that you have to step up and live your life – jump in and just do it – if you think about it too long then your dream becomes a should have and do you really want to look back on your life and think I should have done that? Get that work out in/become a Pure Romance consultant/take a class to enrich your life/learn something new that is what makes memories!!

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