Pure Romance’s17th Annual Valentine’s Day Warehouse Sale

Today is the first day of Pure Romance’s Valentine’s Day Sale which runs through February 14th, from 10am to 8pm, daily. Although it’s our 17th annual sale with Pure Romance, I actually launched my first sale as a consultant with a company called Fun Parties back in the early 80s. At the time, I was in the top five in sales and recruiting and was one of the only consultants in the Cincinnati area offering this safe environment for women. With so many women looking for answers regarding their intimate relationships and health in the tri-state area, you can imagine I was in quite the demand! When it came to the relationship enhancement industry I was somewhat of a “lone ranger” and when you think of those early days, I truly was pioneering a new territory in women’s sexual health and relationships. My calendar was often booked up with customers requesting parties with me two to three months out and when Valentine’s Day would roll around many of them were unfortunately left out.

That’s when I decided that this would be the one time of the year where I would have an Open House (my first was actually at a Holiday Inn Conference Room) where all of my customers could come and shop and ask questions without having to book a party with me. This started a long tradition which began with just a couple hundred attendees to over 10,000 people walking through our door today!

This year offers a new twist – we now have Spanish bilingual corporate representatives on hand to answer any questions Spanish-speaking customers may have! We’ll have many special Valentine’s Day packages with collections of some of our top-sellers at discounted prices. See below for Romancing the Stone,which retails at $51.50 and is on sale for $45

Click here to see all of our specials. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

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