The Bedroom’s No Place for Insecurity

I recently had a friend confide in me that she just couldn’t get comfortable during lovemaking because of insecurities regarding her weight. The truth is, every woman would probably change something about her physical appearance if she could– we are our own harshest critics. However, when a woman chooses to think of herself as beautiful and sexy, it may help her to open up and feel more comfortable during sexual activity.

We offer a great book through the Pure Romance line called “Ride ‘Em Cowgirl,” which offers information about sexual positions, regardless of your body shape and size. This book has a chapter titled “Voluptuous Lovin’” that provides information, as well as sexual positions, for full-figured men and women. This is a great book to help women find positions that may work best for them. In addition, women may find it helpful to experiment with different positions to find what is best for them and their partner. I’ve always believed that when it comes to intimacy, love doesn’t discriminate!

Whatever your body insecurities may be, in order to truly enjoy your sexuality you have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin, and give yourself permission to release any feelings of self-consciousness that you may experience. When you accept and love yourself for who you really are, you will be amazed at how the experience of enjoyable lovemaking falls into place.

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