Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year! Time to dust away the cobwebs and get everything in your life “squeaky clean” again! So many times women ask me how to properly clean and take care of their most prized possession – their bedroom accessories! You can find information on the internet about many ways to clean your toys, including using soap, rubbing alcohol and other cleaning agents – but at Pure Romance, we know better!

Come Clean is Pure Romance’s product cleaner. It is a must-have item for all Pure Romance customers. Anyone that purchases a toy should also take home Come Clean to ensure that their product stays clean and remains safe to use. Keeping bedroom accessories clean is the best way to maintain their longevity. Bedroom toys are a little like making an investment (especially for the expensive products), and caring for the toys is important to ensure that the investment lasts as long as possible. The proper way to clean a bedroom accessory is with a cleaner specifically designed to clean toys. Using soap or other cleaning agents may damage the material of the toy, making it unsafe to use. Come Clean was created to be safe for the material of the toy, as well as for the body. Soap is designed for the toughness of your skin, but the genitals require a more gentle cleanser. Soap or other similar products can also disrupt the pH balance in the vagina and possibly cause an infection.

The active ingredient in Come Clean is phospholipids, which has a gentle cleansing quality. Phospholipids are essential in breaking down bacteria that can grow on a bedroom toy. Using Come Clean will help ensure that all bedroom accessories stay clean and safe to use.

Come Clean should be used before and after each use of the toy. To use Come Clean, remove any batteries from the toy, if it requires them, and rinse under warm water. Spray thoroughly with Come Clean and re-rinse under warm water (it is important to remember to wash off the Come Clean before using). Pat the toy dry with a clean towel and store each product in its own airtight bag or container to help maintain the longevity of the toy.

That’s all there is to it! Come Clean is the must-have that all Pure Romance customers should take home with them to ensure your toy lasts as long as you want it to!

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