Low Libido Nation

We are living in a world where more and more individuals are impacted by a low libido. One thing we don’t often think about is how our medications may be playing a role in our reduced sexual desire. Many medications, like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications, list “decreased libido” as a side effect of the medication. If you are currently taking medications and wonder what impact they are having on your sexuality, you are not alone.

I feel so strongly about helping women who have a low libido due to their medications, that I have dedicated additional information in the resource section of my book Pure Romance Between the Sheets. I believe women should be comforted in the fact that they are not alone in their struggles and that its time they take matters into their own hands, literally!

Spending plenty of time during foreplay, to give the body time to prepare for sexual activity, can help increase libido for most women. Foreplay is a necessary activity to make sure that penetration is as comfortable as possible. As a woman becomes aroused, her vagina produces natural lubrication and also grows in size (a process called “tenting”) to accommodate comfortable penetration (of a toy or a partner). I highly recommend that these women visit Pure Romance’s Web site to find the foreplay products that are most exciting to them. Whether it’s a bubble bath, a massage product or an edible lubricant, foreplay is an important part to overcoming the sexual side effects of many medications.

Many women taking medications find that using an arousal cream can help increase their libido. Pure Romance has three different types of arousal creams: Ex-T-Cee , Nympho Niagra, and X-Scream. X-Scream is probably the product that will produce the best results to counter the side effects of medications that have a severe impact on desire. X-Scream is Pure Romance’s maximum strength arousal cream and is not recommended for first-time female users unless the woman is taking anti-depressants or other medications that have sexual side effects. It contains menthol, and is very powerful so only a pea-sized amount should be applied to the clitoris during foreplay.

Many women find that using a vibrator (either clitoral or vaginal) helps to increase blood flow to their genitals, which can help to increase their arousal. A clitoral vibrator may be best at first, especially if the woman has difficulties becoming aroused (using a vaginal vibrator may cause discomfort if her body is not ready for penetration). A powerful product, such as Pure Romance’s Ultimate 7th Heaven, or Micro Bullet may be the best at helping to increase blood flow to your genitals.

A final suggestion is to talk to your health care provider to see about possibly changing your medication. There are usually several types of medications available that have different side effects; another type of medication may not have the same sexual side effects as the one you are taking. This option may not work for everyone, though, so it is important to talk to your health care provider to determine the best course of action for you.

Regardless of the path you take, know that having a reduction in your level of desire is common while on certain medications, but you can do something to change it! Thousands of women have told me stories about how much fun they have had overcoming their low libido – all with the help of their favorite Pure Romance products.

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