Post Baby Sparks

It seems as if many women in my life are experiencing the countless joys and challenges of motherhood. There isn’t a more important job a woman can have than raising her family. I know how fulfilling it was in raising my four wonderful kids and it’s even more fulfilling to watch them have children of their own. I am also more aware after my 25 years working in the field of sexual health just how challenging it can be for couples to adjust to a new baby, especially when it comes to their intimate lives.

So how can new couples keep the spark alive after having a baby? I’ve answered this million dollar question numerous times and have included information in my book, Pure Romance Between the Sheets. It’s important to keep in mind that most of the time, intimacy returns and sex can get even better than it was before giving birth to your baby. You may just need a little motivation and a few helpful hints from someone who has been there!

Experts estimate that it can take up to two years for your body to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth, and even the pure exhaustion of balancing life as new parents. An important and easy step to take in regaining your intimate life is to maintain your vaginal health. Doing regular Kegel exercises, as well as paying attention to your post-baby body can help you to adjust to the changes your are experiencing. What you are going through is normal, but know you still need to rediscover your body by experimenting with new foreplay patterns, new positions, and new techniques that are pleasurable.

I think the perfect way for new mothers to not only take some time for themselves, but also learn how to adjust to their altered sexual self following pregnancy and childbirth is to have their very own Pure Romance party. It is a great opportunity to have a girl’s night out, while learning about various resources that may be available to enhance your sexual pleasure. Just make sure to get a sitter for overnight, so you can go home and spend some time applying what you learned!

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