Hometown Pride

Sunday morning over a cup of coffee and a copy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, I discovered a wonderful article in the Business Section by Carolyn Pione. I had met with her for an interview at our headquarters last week and was looking forward to seeing what bits and pieces she had taken away from our meeting. It’s often unpredictable how a reporter will portray your company (especially in our industry) and it was so wonderful to see that she not only took away a clear understanding of what we were about but also portrayed our message in an objective and non-judgmental light.

People have always asked me what it was like launching a company like Pure Romance in a conservative town such as Cincinnati, Ohio. They are often surprised when they discover that for the most part we have been well-received by our community. In fact, most of the markets where Pure Romance has been traditionally embraced throughout the growth of our company have included Midwestern markets like much like Cincinnati. Bedroom accessories and the Midwest may seem like an unlikely combination, but not when you take a closer look. Most of these cities are filled with families and parents who are working hard to not only keep a tight-knit family unit, but also renew their commitment to one another over life-long marriages. They understand the values that this company was built on and that is that there is nothing more wonderful for children than to see two parents who are constantly working on their relationship and are always looking for ways to be emotionally, mentally and physically connected. In the case of these customer s and the hometown of our Corporate Office, “home is truly where the heart is!”

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