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It’s only Wednesday and my life just seems to keep getting busier and busier! Today, I did a pre-taped radio interview with the Jeff & Jen Morning Show at Q-102; compared to the barrage of radio interviews yesterday it was much more my style – I’ve always enjoyed doing radio interviews in studio and face-to-face mainly because it’s so much more personal that way. I also have another interview with Q102 at Party in the Park tomorrow to promote my very first book signing this Thursday at Fountain Square.

Oh, and speaking of Thursday, did I mention that over 2,000 Consultants will be traveling to Cincinnati to attend our Annual Training at the Duke Energy Center?! This event is so amazing because it provides classes to enhance their knowledge on sexual health as a whole. Did you know that 90% of women who go to their health care providers intending to ask a question about intimacy or their sexual health chicken out by the time they get there? Many of these women are actually coming to our Consultants for answers and although we always encourage them to go their health care providers, we want to make sure the information they can provide is always 100% accurate.

That’s why this event still excites me after all of these years! I am so lucky because I can actually say that when it comes to Pure Romance, instead of feeling burnt out, the “thrill is far from gone”; not many people are fortunate enough to know that they are EXACTLY where they are supposed to be. I still find every day to be a new and challenging experience that truly makes me look forward to what tomorrow has to bring!

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