What Type of Woman Buys Sex Toys?

Let me begin by saying that I had NEVER considered purchasing or even selling a bedroom toy before I saw a panel of women on the Phil Donahue show discussing this business opportunity. It wasn’t until I received my starter kit that I had even held one in my hand! To be completely honest with you, I thought that people who bought one must be those women who strutted fishnet-stockings, who were expelled from church and had no morals whatsoever. WAS I WRONG!

Now, after working with thousands of women across the country, I have realized that the women (even back then) who had owned bedroom accessories (that is what we refer to them as at Pure Romance) were just normal women who understood the importance of knowing what they want and wouldn’t be satisfied until they found it!

When I walk into a room, people tend to pre-judge. They expect to see some floozy walk in, uneducated and willing to spread their legs for every man in the joint. Then when I take the stage to speak to an audience of fellow business professionals, I see the surprise in their eyes. Of course, not everyone assumed that, but there are the select few that sit there in awe.

It is with great pleasure (no pun intended) that Pure Romance has changed the image of intimacy products. Our focus on educating women about their bodies and the importance of open communication with themselves, their doctors and their significant others, that I feel we are truly making this world a better place.

If I collected all the ‘thank you’ letters I have received from women, men, and couples all over the country, I would have enough to wall paper the entire White House. It is because of Pure Romance and the mission of ALL of our Consultants that we have helped countless marriages and relationships.

So when you ask me ‘What type of woman buys a sex toy’, the question really should be ‘Who Wouldn’t’?

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  1. Kami

    Congratulations Patty! I can’t wait to get to the end of this book. When I look back on your story and see all that you have accomplished, I am deeply inspired. I know you are working so hard to empower and educate all woman and are working with the best of the best, both within your company and in the sexual health research arena to try to improve the lives of woman suffering from some very debilitating health issues. And I for one am so proud to be a part of that. And I want to thank you for all you have done and given to benefit not only your consultants but all women over the course of your life. You truly deserve this time, enjoy it for a while and then get to writing the next book, please!

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