Being Your Own Boss is Good for You!

We talk a lot about how proud we our of our Consultants who are taking charge of their lives and their families’ schedules and becoming their own small business owners. They are amazing women, but on top of that, they also are doing wonders for their own health and well-being!

A recent article in Forbes confirms what a lot of us have found out in owning our own business—it makes us feel good, and that in turn makes us better equipped to help the ones we love. In the article, economist Milena Nikolova says those who make the move voluntarily, from regular jobs to self-employment, enjoy improvements in both physical and mental health.

“The findings highlight an additional non-monetary benefit of self-employment,” she writes, “and have implications for entrepreneurship theory and practice, current and would-be entrepreneurs, as well as policy-makers.”

Self-employed people with and without employees saw health benefits, according to Nikolova, who noted that numerous other studies show the self-employed enjoy enhanced job satisfaction related to having control over their jobs.

We love the idea that Consultants are their own bosses, set their own flexible schedules and are helping their families through their Pure Romance businesses. And now we have proof that it’s good for you!

If you’ve ever thought about being a Pure Romance Consultant, now’s the time to consider it, and if you’re already a Consultant, make sure you join us for National Training in Cincinnati next month—register now before it’s too late here!

If you want to read more on the subject, check out the Forbes article!


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