Make Time For Sex: Doctor’s Orders!

Dr. Ruth made sex talk sexy in the 1980s—her blunt talk about sex and relationships shocked some, and educated many others. She broke down a lot of barriers with her frank discussions, she became a Hollywood celebrity, a talk show favorite and a relationship author.  She’s still at it today, giving sex advice as she closes in on her 91st birthday.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer is now the subject of a new documentary, “Ask Dr. Ruth,” looking at her life from a Jewish Holocaust refugee to celebrity sex therapist. And she’s still giving advice. In a recent New York Times interview, Dr. Ruth said that the questions she gets about sex are different now. “I get less questions about women’s sexual satisfaction,” she said. “Women have learned they are responsible for their own orgasms.” (editorial note: YES!!)

She also said she hears a lot from millennials about not having time for sex. “That doesn’t hold true for me,” Dr. Ruth said. “In the olden days, immigrants, for example, who worked in the needle trade, who worked in the garment industry, they worked much harder. They still had sex. Otherwise we wouldn’t be around.”

Her advice to the millennial asking the question? “Make time.”

She also said she’s worried about the lost art of conversation. “We walk into a restaurant, and you see even families sitting on their phones,” she said. “You can’t have a couple not talking to each other for 24 hours then expect to have good sex. It doesn’t work. Part of a good relationship is a good conversation.”

Dr. Ruth also offers her take on “ghosting” in relationships, her thoughts on online dating and her Twitter account. She paved the way for us to not be shy about sex talk, to bring relationship issues out in the open and to offer advice about making our relationships work. Dr. Ruth is still going strong, and still has great advice to give. Thank you, Dr. Ruth!

Want to read more about sex pioneer Dr. Ruth? Read the article here.

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