Masks Aren’t Just for Halloween

With Halloween coming up and lots of Halloween parties scheduled (the National Retail Federation says we’ll spend $9 billion on Halloween this year!!) you might be thinking about what costume you’ll wear for the festivities. But while you’re thinking about what you’ll wear in public, how about considering a change of wardrobe in the bedroom, as well?

Journalist Michael Castleman, writing for AARP Magazine, says blindfolds, especially for women, can enhance the sexual experience, because most women are turned on by what they feel, like hot baths, silk, massage. “When women wear blindfolds, he writes, they can usually focus more deeply on how exciting the loving touch of a partner feels. This likewise means they can enjoy it more.

“Another reason a blindfold can enhance sex,” he writes, “is that it’s new and adventurous. This novelty raises your levels of the brain chemical dopamine, which governs libido. Boost dopamine and sex feels more exciting.”

Blindfolded sex amplifies not just touch, Castleman writes, but the other senses as well: hearing, smell and taste. Many lovers say they can delve deeper into music when blindfolded, or experience more enjoyment from fragrances and flavors.

Now, of course, a blindfold or mask might not be for everyone. “If the woman in your life is similarly disinclined, respect that; no one should feel pressured into sex that makes them feel uncomfortable.”

Our own Onyx blindfoldis just right for couples who want to try something a little more adventurous in the bedroom. And if anyone sees it on the nightstand next to the bed, you can always say it’s there for your afternoon naps!

Michael Castleman is the publisher of the website You can read more of his article on the benefits of blindfolds here.


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