It’s Travel Season!

School has just about wrapped up, or has wrapped up, for the season, the weather is warmer and it’s time for many people to hit the road or fly the friendly skies for a vacation. Whether it’s a long weekend or a two-week exotic stint, vacations in general are something most of us look forward to. And according to the U.S. Travel Association, there’s another benefit other than rest and relaxation—couples who travel together have healthier, happier relationships.

The U.S Travel survey looked at if, and to what extent, leisure travel strengthened relationships between romantic partners. The survey had three key findings:

  • Travel has long-term benefits for couples
  • Travel helps build and maintain relationships
  • Travel ignites romance and intimacy

The article says that the survey found that couples who travel together have a higher satisfaction level with their relationship, and relationships last longer among couples who do travel together. In addition, the article says that those surveyed thought that traveling together helped build new relationships because couples do new and interesting things together. And, of course, travel helps couples find the time to spend together so they can reconnect, be romantic and intimate.

If you really needed an excuse to plan a vacation, (and really, who needs an excuse?) the U.S. Travel Association gave us some great reasons to plan our next trip. And don’t forget to take Pure Romance along with you, to make that trip even more memorable! Happy vacation!

If you want to read more from the survey, here’s the full article:


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