Improve Your Health, Improve Your Love Life!

Research shows that exercise has positive effects on a woman’s sex drive. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that intense, short-duration exercise (20 minutes with a target heart rate of 70 percent) significantly enhances the physiological sexual arousal of women (i.e. genital arousal).

We all know that when we feel good, everything else falls into place. We have more energy, more vitality, a zest for life. A healthy lifestyle of regular exercise, proper diet and lowering of stress can do more than just make us feel good: It also leads to a better sex life.

Dr. Sheldon Marks talks about the correlation, saying that if we take care of ourselves, we’ll have a great sex drive and a happy sex life. “If on the other hand,” he says, “you’re abusive, you do drugs, you smoke, you drink, you eat too much, those things will all come back to haunt you and will impact probably not only your lifespan, your quality of life, but your sexual life.”

We can all do a better job of getting into the habit of a healthier lifestyle. For me, I enjoy walking. And like we discussed in an earlier blog, walking and exercise is also great for sexual health. For you, it might be yoga or Pilates or even running.

And then, there’s the nutrition angle. Experts say that women need fewer calories but more nutrients than men to be healthy, largely because of the differences in our hormones. One thing most of us need more of is iron, especially during childbearing years. And, of course, good prenatal nutrition is vital for the health of you, and your baby.

As you get older, calcium becomes important to promote bone density. That, in turn, will help keep osteoporosis at bay. Whether you get these nutrients in your food or in supplements, keep in mind that it’s all part of a long-term healthy lifestyle. And that, in turn, can lead to a long-term healthy sex life.

Cheers to your health!

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