Starting a Conversation about Your Sexual Health

Recently I was making a presentation at a training session for our Pure Romance Consultants and was asked about my first party and how things have changed over the last 20+ years.

Good question but tough answer, I thought.

Many, many things have changed but many things have stayed the same.

Libido_FB_10-16The one constant I have seen over the years is the need to talk about sexual health in a safe environment and informative manner. Many of you know that I started out as medical assistant working for a group of pediatricians so I have always felt comfortable talking about the human body.

As we begin the new year, I want to use this space on my blog and Facebook page to begin a conversation with you about sexual health.
I will share my thoughts and opinions with you, and will also invite my medical board of directors, who provide counsel to the Patty Brisben Foundation for Sexual Health, to weigh in on issues. Our hope is that we can really start the conversation and provide our Consultants and customers with the most up-to-date information in this field. As many of you know, Pure Romance is not just about selling a bedroom toy, it is about prospering relationships and this begins with your relationship with yourself. It’s about knowing your body and making your health a priority.

We will share information here on Mondays beginning next week to address hot topics about sexual health.

I encourage your comments, questions and perspectives as we begin this journey. And I really look forward to keeping the conversations going so we can all learn and move forward together.



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  1. Melissa Messenger

    Hello Patty, I have a client that cannot reach orgasm, she is married with two kids. She knows her body and has tried vibration. She was told by her health care provider that one in five women do not orgasm. I had not heard this statistic?
    As a health care provider would you recommend testing of any sort? She is young, and frustrated, along with her husband. His attitude is why try foreplay because it has never helped in the past. I tried talking her through many options and said I would also ask the medical board for advice.
    Thank you!

  2. Sophia Herrick

    I’m really interested in the answers to Melissa’s question! However, can we add a caveat to it? What can we recommend to a 50+ yo woman post total hysterectomy who used to have orgasms beforehand, told her doctor who put her on vaginal estrogen and prayer? She and her husband have nearly exhausted themselves with hour plus foreplay and a few toys. Are they trying too hard?

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