CRYSTAL BOLES: Pure Romance Moms Who Do It All!

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I’ve been featuring Consultants who have done an amazing job balancing motherhood and their careers with Pure Romance. Each day of the week leading up to Mother’s Day, I will be spotlighting a Consultant’s point of view and on Mother’s Day, I will share my own thoughts on maintaining balance – because when it comes to family and work, I do believe it’s possible to have it all!

Crystal Boles (Portland, OR) – I can remember when Crystal started her Pure Romance business – she was so hungry for success.  Just like many other women, she came on board with the intention to spend more time with her children and make more money! However, Crystal was struggling with some internal battles and trying to find balance as a woman and a mother. She was starting out in this business as a married mom with two young girls and battling an unhappy marriage. Before long she was navigating a divorce. I can remember her going through these challenges and changes in her life, and just like many Consultants I felt like a mother in a way to Crystal, so I was rooting for her to come out of it all a better, stronger woman.  She powered through being a single Mom using her Pure Romance business as leverage.  Witnessing the transformation that she went through was inspiring – she finally found herself and found happiness. Watching her now is a beautiful thing – not only is she one of the strongest leaders we have in the field, she is a Corporate Trainer, on track to achieving an over two million-dollar team, killing it in personal sales, and is now married to the man of her dreams (with whom she has a 2-year-old son). Her daughters are growing up to be lovely young women and her life is in this successful balance that is a gift to all who look in at her. I chose Crystal because she exemplifies the strength it takes to get through storms and find your true self. I know when you read what she has to share you will see just how strong she is as a business woman, leader, mother and woman. Seeing her so happy means the world to me!

A quote I live by: “Make your own sunshine.” 

Tips to keep a balanced life: 



3. GET HELP WITH KIDS  (THIS IS CRUCIAL TO SUCCESS). I chose this business to be home for my kids and have more time with them. That does not mean that my ONLY identity is as their mom.  My personal success directly impacts my ability to be the best mom I can for them.  YOU taking time for YOU re-charges, refuels, revives you as a person. Also, when your teenage daughters say, “I want to be like you when I grow up!” you KNOW you are doing something right. 

A story about motherhood and business:The real inspirational story involves my youngest child, Wyatt. My husband and I we were blessed with a baby boy in 2012. Pregnancy and six weeks of bed rest was really rough, but I was able to manage my Pure Romance business from the couch – I actually did an $800 party via Skype during this time of required immobility. Unable to get up for weeks, it was beyond difficult, but we made it and one week before he was due I was induced. He was PERFECT!  Big, healthy baby boy, whom we adore!  Having had two children before myself, I began to notice as he reached specific ages, that he was NOT reaching his milestones.  Around eight months old, I convinced my husband of this and took Wyatt in to see the doctor.  At 5:30pm, after Dr.’s hours, I received a call that changed my life. Our pediatrician apologized for the news she was about to give (that’s never a good sign), and explained to us that the MRI results showed that at some point Wyatt had suffered a stroke.  Doctor visit after Doctor visit we learn more about his diagnosis…he has Cerebral Palsy.

Though he did not walk until the age of two and has limited use of his right side, he is AMAZING. PT, OT, Speech therapy, all of these, in combination with his doctors’ visits consumed a ton of time.  IF I had chosen a different direction in life I would not be here to make sure he is getting the BEST support to increase his mobility and growth.  By the time he is 5, we hope that his condition goes unnoticed.  We are lucky, blessed and oh so grateful to have the opportunity to stay home with him, not to mention, pay for the medical expenses involved.

Wyatt is already running now, speaking, and attends preschool with other kids his age.  And though, he still has physical challenges ahead, we know he will overcome and succeed!

Crystal has been married to her husband, Dustin, for four years, and has three children: Kailee 15, Emma 12 and Wyatt 2.


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