Make It Memorable!

I recently stopped by a grocery store on the other side of town when I noticed a female police officer staring at me from across the produce aisle. I started worrying, am I in trouble? She wouldn’t take her eyes off of me and when our eyes finally met, she said, “Are you Patty Brisben? Oh, my God, you did a party for me in the early 90s!”

If you’re a hard-working Pure Romance Consultant, one of the best compliments one of your former partygoers can give you is to remember your name – especially years after your party! We all ask ourselves if we are doing a good job as a mom, wife, colleague, and so on, and there’s not always a clear-cut answer. When I was a Consultant, some of the easy benchmarks of success included the amount of bookings, recruits and other “stats” that backed my work. But were people actually remembering my name? Were they coming away with a one-of-a-kind experience that they would truly cherish? That’s such an important part of what we do. Below are a few of my top tips for making your next Pure Romance party memorable.

  1. I never overpromised, and under-delivered. What I told them I would do, I did. No exceptions!
  2. I always made sure my guests put my business card in their wallet, so whether it was the next day, or a year from then when they were changing wallets, my card would always be there. My favorite game was called “Lucky Lady.” I would pass out cards to everyone, and only one of the cards would have the initials L.L. written on it; that cardholder would be the lucky winner of a bedroom toy. Those who didn’t win would put the card in their wallets. In the 80s and 90s, bedroom toys were even more hush-hush than today, so they were not the easiest to start your party with – I always wished that the winner of this game would be someone who really wanted a toy, but would have been too shy to purchase it on her own. I would also offer 20% off any guest’s order if she booked a party with me in the future.
  3. Always keep it FUN! Even if you are expecting 20 guests and seven show up, still make it fun for the seven who are there. Don’t let the number of people, or stresses of your day affect the party. Set all your problems on the doorstep; that night belongs to them. I would always leave my problems at the door, and pick them back up on the way out. As big as the problem seemed, it never seemed as bad after my party. I truly believe that the more fun you’re having the more fun they will have.
  4. Fun doesn’t just apply to your parties. When it comes to any aspect of your business, you should be waking up every day with a smile, or thinking things like, “I can’t wait to do my party tonight” or “I’m so excited to take my new recruit to shadow me.” Believe me, it will show. There’s nothing more contagious than truly enjoying yourself in all that you do.
  5. All Consultants have that guest who grumbles, “I’m not buying anything,” or “I’m just here because my friend invited me.” For me, those were the people who I was determined would be my best friends before I walked out the door. As much as we want to avoid these people, these were the very ones who challenged me to change their point of view regarding what we had to offer. I always had more friends than when I walked in to my party. Even today, I continue to challenge myself in this way with all that we do with Pure Romance. Always work to outdo yourself and you will continually be better than before.

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