Inspired Networking

If there’s one business tip you should consider as you kick off the New Year, it’s this: The best investment you can make in life and in business is in yourself. Reaching your full potential will not only help you grow, it will inspire others to do the same. Watch below for more on why I feel this way!

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  1. Amy Michelle Dean

    I always make myself my last priority. This came up in a discussion at home last week. My boyfriend insisted I go get my hair done, something I haven’t done in over 3 years. So the next day I went to the salon, cut my hair (donated a foot of hair!) & got highlights.

    Talked with the hair stylist during my mini makeover, she booked a party! And now I’m just more confidant talking to people and it’s true you just feel better!

  2. nici Roberson

    I invest in myself by going to the gym every day. (Its truly my only me time) as well my team is how i invest back into me. These pink ladies charge my soul battery and go get em battery like no other. They are an amazing group of women who have just taken me under their wing and made me on of their own… its truly the best time (meetings, trainings, get togethers, handouta etc). As well the biggest way i invest in my passion which is pure romance is actaully going to corporate trainings. I joined last day of july and so far have been to the do life different and now will be going to be amazing. I find i not only learn things that deal with business but better me in general and for that there is no better investment 🙂

  3. Amanda Viel

    That is very inspirational! I am a single mother of the young men, and my youngest is a special needs child. I really love Pure Romance and what I have accomplished in being apart of it. I may not be able to go to meetings, training and things like that, but I am making a name for myself in how I advertise and do my parties.

    Thanks Patty!!

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