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Guest blog by Sue Beck (collaboration with Stephen Gunn): Sue Beck-Currie is the owner and Creative Director of Salon Beck located in Downtown Cincinnati, as well as a Pure Romance Professionista Stylist. Education is and has been Sue’s driving passion; she has worked to attain the knowledge and expertise in the art of hairdressing, not only for her growth, but most importantly to share with others. She is proud to be a national educator with John Paul Mitchell Systems, and enjoys sharing her skills and being a part of the JPMS education team. Sue has studied extensively at Vidal Sassoon – Santa Monica, with Anthony Mascula, Toni & Guy – London & Dallas, Scott Cole & Linda Yodice – Colorcutting USA, John Louis David – Paris, and the famous Garren of NY. She has provided editorial for Mademoiselle, Good Housekeeping, and several other periodicals under John Casablanca’s “Look of the Year.” Sue has also been responsible for education in technical skills, motivation and goal setting for a multi salon group. Her love of the beauty industry continues to thrive and grow in her daily life.

Note from Patty’s Desk: For today’s blog, I asked Pure Romance Professionista Stylist, Sue Beck-Currie to give you some amazing hair tips to beat the heat – August is the muggiest of months in my hometown so no better time than now to post! Recreate your own summer hairstyle and you could WIN A $150 SPAFINDER GIFT CARD! Email us a picture of your new style to and Sue will pick her favorite. You must be a subscriber to my blog to win. If you’re the lucky winner, we want to see photos of how you pampered yourself – whether it was a new hairstyle, a relaxing massage or manicure!

Summer has been mild so far here in Cincinnati, but any stylist can tell you that any summer’s heat and humidity can make it a tough time of year for long lasting beautiful hair. While we all would love to let our tresses loose, with a little know-how , sometimes you are better off pulling your hair up: a potentially head-turning, far more comfortable, and long -lasting option for long hair that can be fun instead of frustrating. Luckily, the trends of 2014 lend themselves well to easy upstyles. Three dimensional hair color like balayaged ombré, subtle highlights, and block color techniques provide definition to your shape and the appearance of shine to any style. Today’s many popular varieties of fringe, whether straight or side-swept, strong or soft, elevate a look by lending a polish and shape around the face.

A beautiful upstyle comes together easily with the right tools, ‘liquid tools’ and hot tools, and a little preparatory work. You ‘tease’ a nerd, but you ‘ruche’ your hair. Paul Mitchell’s Daily Boost or Purology’s Root Lift with or without a dry shampoo like Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash in combination with light ruching through the crown, will provide volume, control, and texture to the foundation of even a second day look. If you didn’t use a styling product before blowdrying yesterday, to make the length of your look manageable, you’ll need to add to your dry hair a creamy gel or mousse (whether it is soft like Paul Mitchell’s Fast Form or strong and juicy like Purology’s Silk Bodifier); never go for anything too sticky or stiff. One pump of Paul Mitchell’s Styling Treatment Oil or Gloss Drops will add shine while controlling flyaways. Too heavy? Are you more comfortable letting your hairspray tackle flyaways once you’re finished? We like Paul Mitchell’s Hold Me Tight because its dry “layerable” touch as a working spray and finishing spray. All of these styles start with softly curled or round brushed hair- or if you are so lucky, your own natural curls.

For our first look let’s mix something simple like a classic pony with the cutting edge of Fendi’s fall runway. For an extra lift in the style, try placing the pony tail high up at the crown of your head; it’s up to you!

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.08.12 PM

  1. Section hair into four sections. Secure back section into a low, sleek ponytail. Secure with elastic.
  2. Divide Mohawk section into two sections with a slight diagonal parting from front center to back-center-right.
  3. Take the right side section, keeping it smooth and sleek, back toward the ponytail base. Wrap the ends of section around the elastic and secure underneath with a bobby pin. Repeat with the left side section.
  4. Secure remaining ends by tucking them underneath the ponytail, and securing them under the base with bobby pins.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.08.23 PM






Our second look is on trend with braids inspired by our favorite new mom: Princess Kate!

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.08.32 PM

  1. Leaving a section loose on either side of your face, and gather the rest of your hair back into a ponytail. Pull gently at the top of your ponytail so it’s not too tight.
  2. Braid half of the hair on the left hand side, and wrap it over your ponytail. Repeat with the right hand side.
  3. Braid the lower section of hair on the left hand side and wrap over your ponytail. Pin in place with a bobby pin underneath your ponytail. Repeat on the right hand side. Important: Stretch out your braids! Pull at the sides to make your hair look thicker and fuller.
  4. Loosely braid your ponytail and roll it under to form a bun. Pin in place with bobby pins.

Our last look goes out to our curly girls. You know better than anyone how unpredictable curls can be. So on the days that somehow a pump of Paul Mitchell’s Twirl Around and a diffuser just doesn’t do the trick, turn to this quick style.

It really is as easy as Twist & Pin!

Start by taking a one-inch section of hair near your left temple and twist it around your finger. Twist it around into a mini bun at the back of your head and pin in place with a bobby pin.

Repeat with a section from the right side, and twist and pin in place. It helps to twist with one finger, and then use your other index finger to hold the twist down so you can make the bun.

Remember to take even sections to keep the twists consistent. You can use bobby pins to pin the twists to each other for more stability.


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