Making Connections & Making Money

One of the most frequently asked questions Consultants ask me is, “How did you do it; how did you manage to build a successful business, while raising a family of four and juggling so many different things?”

The short answer is this: I never separated my business from my social life and networking. Is it important to “turn work off” and spend some time with family, or just spoil yourself once in a while? Of course. But outside of those occasions, I was always promoting my business, whether I was sitting reading a book with my kids at the community pool, sitting on the bleachers cheering on my children, or catching up with other parents at the school PTA meeting. I loved (and still love) what I do. I didn’t see it as work.

Instead of looking at this type of networking as soliciting or bugging others, I understood that I was offering people around me something that could benefit them and strengthen their relationships. That’s why I booked so many parties. I became their “go-to” person when a woman had a question about her intimate relationship – especially back then when it wasn’t as common to talk as openly about sexuality as today.

When you get involved in your community, you are letting others get to know you.  As friendships grow, parties increase because if there’s one thing that friends love to do, it’s have a great time with one another (and if you can learn something in the process that helps your love life or your sex life, even better).

The thing that often surprises many who know me is that I was not a naturally outgoing person in the beginning. I was like many of the Pure Romance Consultants reading this who feel a little shy when they think about approaching people on the topic of sex, our work, or even a new product. The first step is to be social! Get involved with your children and your community: sports events, dance recitals – you name it – anything that allows you to network and meet other adults and build new relationships. Believe it or not, I even booked parties with the cashier at the grocery store – and why not? Everyone wants a happy, healthy relationship regardless of where they work or do in their spare time.

Something as simple as learning a new acquaintance’s kid’s name, really listening to them and remembering the details – these are small nuances that can go a very long way and create a customer for life.  Give them a reason to ask you, “What do you do for a living?” Or “How’d your party turn out?” Suddenly, when you notice they are full of questions – that’s when you turn around and say, “Suzie, you ask me all the time about my parties; I think deep down you’re interested in doing this.” This kind of connection offers an opportunity to build your team, whereas had you not been paying attention, they probably would never have asked.

Summer is in full swing. We asked Consultants how they promote their business while on vacation, and here’s what they had to say:

“Last time I took a vacation I swore I wasn’t going to work. At the end of a long beach day, I checked my calls and couldn’t help returning the missed calls. I booked three parties, went to a shop for a new swimsuit and networked. The woman at the store put my card on her board of vendors. I then met a couple at a late night bonfire and sold Sensations. My vacation darn near paid for itself!” – Lena Dean (Consultant, Dayton, OH)

“Vacation? What’s that? I’m ‘on’ 24/7, so even while I’m on a vacation I’m still promoting my business! My husband has a habit of doing it too. He tells random people we just met all about my business.” – Beth Lindsey (Director, Marietta, SC)

“I set aside about an hour a day to return calls, emails and other forms of contact when I’m on vacation. I have a booking calendar and a Hostess info sheet to capture info, and I send out Hostess packets when I return home. You can also utilize an automatic response email if you are going to be out, and change your voicemail with a date and time you will be returning phone calls. I just have to make sure I actually do what I say I will and everything works out.” – Jenny Cox (Advanced Consultant, Fayetteville, NC)


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