April Resolution: Challenge Yourself!

BlogImage_0413Two weeks ago I was in Florida with some of our top Pure Romance consultants as they filmed our new Gold Standard demos.  The Gold Standard is about us being the best of the best – the most educational and most entertaining company in the world. These women deserve a standing ovation for their work! They unleashed their butterflies and challenged themselves to break old habits and learn new ways to do business.

I believe the butterflies that swarm in your stomach when you’re about to do something new are a good sign. I still get them every time I stand up to do a speech. I’m going to let you in on a secret; even the best consultants get butterflies when they do a party.  Anyone who tells you they don’t probably isn’t telling you the truth… or they aren’t challenging themselves to be better, to know more, and to truly connect with their party guests.

Many of these women, who created our new Gold Standard videos, had been doing the same or a similar version of their demos for years. They even had pauses built in to their demo where they knew the party guests would laugh. During filming we asked the women to move away from those comfortable demos and challenged them to make the Gold Standard demos their own.

As if that alone weren’t enough, the consultants were working with an audience that wasn’t there to laugh. They were working with a select Pure Romance staff that critiqued every word, pronunciation, and gesture. Although these were our top consultants, they struggled through the demos. I was privileged enough to watch them go from struggle to growth as they replaced old habits with new ones and old information with new knowledge. It was tough, but they rose to the challenge and became close friends with their personal butterflies. The result will amaze all of you when you see the demos and will also amaze every one of those women who cut a video.

I tend to experience the greatest personal growth when I do things that challenge me. I like to think that the butterflies can only live outside your comfort zone, so step out into unchartered territory. You don’t have to be selected by Pure Romance or me to challenge yourself. You can set your own challenges to grow your business and expand your knowledge. Read a book on customer loyalty or a magazine article on menopause.  Learn more about emerging sexual health research so you are more prepared in the shopping room. By challenging yourself to be and do more, you become more and you will exude confidence and credibility to your customer and everyone around you. Spring into action and challenge yourself  – you won’t regret it!

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  1. Belinda Liebenberg

    I love this particular blog. Really inspirational and tells me that it’s ok to have butterflies every time I meet with a client or before a demo. Thanks Patty!

  2. Christina Zaccarine

    Thanks, Patty!! It was an unforgettable opportunity, and I’m so grateful for it. Thanks for the feedback; it’s what motivates me more than anything. xo

  3. Wendy Hanna

    This is so true Patty! We can’t truly experience growth until we venture outside our comfort zones and really challenge ourselves. We have to shake things up. We have to ask ourselves, “What if I tried? What if I succeeded?” Only then are we really living instead of merely existing. I challenged myself personally this past year and what a transformation it has been! Sure, there will be doubts. Yes, there will be setbacks. That’s part of the roller coaster ride; but when you see the new, more confident “you” emerging on the other side, it makes all the detours and roadblocks worth it. Rise to the challenge. Not only will you savor the outcome, but you’ll appreciate the journey.

  4. Polly A Turner-Rivera

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words Patty! I took the step today to really challenge myself with building my dream board and organizing my office space. It’s a challenge for me to not only build my business but work my other job as well. I also am starting to grow a team so time management is extremely crucial and a struggle. Somewhere in there I also will find time to read more on sexual health! Thanks again!!

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