2012: Reestablishing the Connection

What a whirlwind last week was! I was in Vegas for Pure Romance’s National Convention, and I wanted to touch base with those who couldn’t be there. Specifically, I wanted to spread the message of the General Session, when I did the product launch.

2012 is going to be a huge year for Pure Romance. The company is growing, and with growth comes the opportunity to change and develop a clearer outlook and hope for the years to come. Before we look into the future, though, my team and I looked to the past. Sometimes you have to take a closer look at your past before you move forward. I like to do this to remember how our success began, to reestablish the connection to the business, and to remember the drive and vision that got us where we are today.

When I sat down to talk with some of my staff members who have been here for several years, we covered two very important things that I want to carry throughout 2012 and into the future.

One of the things Chris and I reminisced about is how I always wore a suit when I hosted my parties. I’d show up to a party in my business suit, and hostesses and customers were shocked! They expected to see me in a leather bustier, fishnets, and stilettos! What I learned from dressing professionally, though, is that my customers felt they could trust me and talk to me openly. They also respected me as I respect them. When you dress to impress, you really can achieve more. There’s a cliché phrase that says, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!” In our business, you better dress for the job you have because you own your own business. YOU are the boss!

Another topic we emphasized is what separates Pure Romance from the competition. At Pure Romance, we pride ourselves not on the sale of a product, but on the education we instill within our customers at parties. I promise you that the more you know about our products, the body, and how our products can benefit the body, the more success you’ll see in your business. The more educate yourself and thereby your customers, the more you’ll impact their lives. When you educate and impact them that way, you are likely to have a repeat customer, because when you educate, you touch someone’s life.

By looking back and seeing why we have such a strong emphasis on professionalism and education, we can lay the groundwork for the future. Even if you couldn’t be at Convention this year, I want you to get a good feel of what the presentation was like. Reestablishing the connection with yourself, the basics, and your customers will benefit you. I encourage you to really think about how your customers perceive you, work on educating yourself even more, and hold yourself to an even higher standard. These basics will carry you through change and growth. Dress your best, act your best, be your best.

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