10th Annual Breast Cancer Conference

I am so excited to be invited back to do a “PJ” Party for over 300 women tonight at the Young Survival Coalition, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Susan G. Komen 10th Annual Breast Cancer Conference. This is third year we have done this event, and it continues to grow and attract women who are struggling with intimacy questions and issues through cancer. The guests come to the party dressed in their most comfortable pajamas and have a few carefree hours where they can laugh and have fun, as well as ask questions regarding their most intimate relationships.

It is such an incredible honor to offer resources through our Sensuality, Sexuality, Survival program and give these women a safe place to gain support when it comes to the negative effects of cancer on intimacy. This is not an easy topic and many health care providers have offered help when it comes to sheer survival, but little information on their sexual needs or desires. We are happy to be there for these amazingly strong and inspiring women and are doing everything in our power to put them in touch with other health care professionals and experts who are willing to discuss their options when it comes to intimacy during and after cancer.

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  1. Patty Brisben

    Thank you for your email and concern for such a serious subject. I appreciate and understand your need to be informed when it comes to your health; having worked with our own sexual health programs for several years and with my 501c3 non-profit, The Patty Brisben Foundation for Women’s Sexual Health, it is always a foremost priority in my work. I pride myself in doing my due diligence in researching and utilizing the safest and highest quality of materials when working with our manufacturers to develop our products. Even the FDA and other people in the industry do not see the need to do this and we have spear-headed many of these initiatives to ensure all women feel comfortable with our products. Pure Romance does its absolute best to make sure you and all of our customers have the safest options within our line.

    Just so you know, Pure Romance offers silicone, glass, hard plastic, PVC plastic, TPE plastic and soft touch rubber coating, which are all phthalate-free products and are great options for those who are considering a variety of material choices in their toys. Also, in the same way that many choose to use alternatives to Soy, we offer paraben-free alternatives in many of our non-edible products such as Pure Pleasure, our paraben-free lubricant. With such a wide array of product materials available, I am confident that with research you would be able to find one that would be right for you.

    In regard to being invited to present at the conference, this is the third year we have been honored to provide resources and support for women living with cancer. The group of women in attendance has grown substantially since we first presented and women often line up for hours after the presentation to ask questions about intimacy during cancer that their own health care providers have not addressed. They have suffered in silence and we are doing everything we can to help enhance their quality of life. Although doctors are working diligently to protect their patients’ health, and researchers are looking for a cure, little is done to help women with intimacy issues which have resulted from cancer. If you have time, I would love for you to learn more at http://www.pureromance.com/sss.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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