Sex Week At Yale

Pure Romance was invited to present as part of biennial Sex Week At Yale this past week for the third time since its inception. Since we launched our Naked Truth College Tour program five years ago, I have been so excited to see how much it has grown. Companies like Pure Romance can be a unique platform for students who are seeking more information on their sexuality and sexual health. The truth is that many students don’t feel like they have many places to go to for these answers and have utilized us as a resource.

When we first started the Naked Truth College Tour, there were many universities who were skeptical or had misconceptions about our objective. It wasn’t long before they realized that students were walking away with valuable information and they began to pursue us year after year to return and present as part of their human sexuality curriculum.

It’s important to point out that we do not sell products at our Naked Truth College Tour. We do give away items that volunteers from the audience use while we demo some of the products during the presentation. We have found that students are very enthusiastic and often stay after to ask questions and seem very comfortable doing so.

Relationship enhancement products are a wonderful tool for students to learn more about their own bodies; I’m a firm believer that you can’t please anyone else until you know what brings you pleasure as an individual. Bedroom accessories can also serve as a great way to keep students from jumping into relationships for the wrong reasons and subjecting themselves to the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Unfortunately, there is often a stigma attached to sex in general and especially toys or items affiliated with it, whether on our tour or out in the everyday world. This is usually because the person hasn’t taken the time to educate themselves on what Pure Romance is all about or is stuck in the “Adult Book Store Mentality”. Pure Romance is truly not about the sale of the product; the products will sell themselves. What we are about is the experience and providing a safe environment where people can ask questions and learn more about intimacy and sexual health. Many of these students are our future leaders and if we can help educate even one person so they can have a happy, healthy relationship in the future, it’s well worth it.

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