The Pure Romance Family

As the year comes to a close, I want to thank my staff and Consultants for all of their dedication and hard work in 2009. We are so blessed to have had a prosperous year at Pure Romance. Despite our success, we did endure our own personal losses including losing a long-time employee who had been with the company for five years – our hearts and thoughts go out to her family and loved ones. There have been many people in our company who, whether it was they or someone they loved, suffered an illness – yet, everyone stepped up and supported one another in those trying times.

All companies have their trials and tribulations, but one thing that is wonderful about Pure Romance is we are truly a family. No matter how much we have our ups and downs, we’re there for one another and work to lift each other up.
Perhaps my favorite part of Pure Romance is that it’s truly not just about one person. It’s about every single department from the Customer Service, Warehouse, Accounting, Marketing, PR, IT, Health Education, Business Development. It’s the whole that is greater than its parts. Everyone is working toward the greater goal of building a reputation that is as good as the company it stands for.

Many are aware of the awards we have received this year – and I think it’s so important to stress the word “we”. Even when I have been awarded directly, I know that none of this recognition would be possible without every single person that works at this company. If it was up to me, I wish I could have the entire staff and Consultant base present at every award ceremony because it is truly their award as much as it is mine.

I am truly so thankful for such a wonderful team who shares my passion, vision and drive, and look forward to providing more opportunities in the years to come. I know that with such an amazing staff we can go further than we’ve ever gone before. We wish all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to a Happy New Year!

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