Rap Star Meets Bedroom Toy

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When it comes to “Ice Ice Baby”, most people think of the early 90s rap star icon OR the one and only, long-loved Pure Romance bedroom toy. Seldom do they think of both together. However, that was exactly the case when Pure Romance Consultant Christy Irwin had the unique idea to take an Ice Ice Baby to rapper, Vanilla Ice’s concert to be autographed and auctioned to raise money for the Patty Brisben Foundation.

While many covet backstage passes to meet the performer, this Consultant acquired one with one passion specifically in mind: to help further research and support for women’s sexual health! How she managed to smuggle such a one-of-a-kind item to be signed, however, is still an interesting scenario to imagine.

Once back stage she discovered the rapper had already had heard there was a bedroom toy named after him but didn’t know which company it was. After she explained the seriousness of the cause, he graciously signed it; it was great that he was able to see the value in taking the time to sign something that “unique” knowing that it would be auctioned off to support women’s sexual health. There are a lot of celebrities out there who wouldn’t take the time and we’re grateful that he did. Christy followed up by sending him another Ice Ice Baby to keep as a collector’s item!

A special thanks to Christy and all of the Consultants who are always looking for ways to support such an important cause!

About the Patty Brisben Foundation: When I first began working as a Consultant, I received many questions regarding intimacy and sexual health; as my parties increased and later after starting my own business, I noticed the questions were becoming more and more complex. I would always surround myself with experts and a support system that could ensure that I was getting my customers the right answers.

The biggest surprise came when even the experts didn’t know the answers and that’s when I realized how little women’s sexual health research there is available. This is when I decided to start the 501c3 non-profit, the Patty Brisben Foundation. Today, Pure Romance Consultants are just as passionate about helping their customers find the answers they need to be empowered in and out of the bedroom. To learn more go to the Patty Brisben Foundation’s website.

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