Beyond the Boardroom

Whether it was the controversial 1960s bestseller The Feminine Mystique, Helen Gurley Brown’s near 30-year advocacy of women’s sexual freedom as editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, or even Madonna’s iconic cone-shaped bra in the 90s – more than ever before, women are leveling the playing field and are not only breadwinners, but enlightened and active participants in the bedroom!

As the CEO and Founder of Pure Romance, I applaud this movement and not only strive to inspire and empower women to be self sufficient, successful professionals, but also teach them that they are capable of being leaders in all aspects of life. Pure Romance educates women all over the country about sexual health to help them understand that leading a healthy sexual life is an important avenue to happiness within any relationship. Nurturing this aspect can create a domino effect of self-reliance and contentment that will spill into other areas of life such as career, health and even relationships with peers.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to be the most confident woman you know in order to achieve sexual empowerment; if you are known to be a bit on the shyer side, there is no reason why you, too, cannot take steps to learn how to feel more self-assured in the bedroom. Take the time to learn new things about your partner. Start slowly and don’t feel like you have to go all out on the very first try. Realize that with effort, communication and a little TLC you will get to where you want to be in just a matter of time!

I would recommend beginning by doing a little research with Sadie Allison’s Tickle Your Fancy, an instructive guide on self-pleasure and sexual awareness. This is a wonderful tool to teach you more about what brings you pleasure which will in turn allow you to communicate this to your partner. With a little knowledge and practice, confidence will come naturally in bed. Not to mention, showing that you are taking control and willing to call the shots will more than likely be a major turn on for your partner. In addition, you can always leave this book lying out where your partner will be sure to find it; it won’t be long before they will know how to push all of your playful and pleasurable buttons as well!

Once you’ve gained some self-assurance behind closed doors and you are ready to advance to the next level, there are many different options to help you spice things up on This includes everything from lingerie, lubricants, massage aids and toys! Not to mention, helpful tips and advice through our “Ask Patty” column and much more.

And remember; when it comes to intimacy always treat each other with thoughtfulness and respect. Enjoy the time you spend together. Support one another. Communicate clearly and openly. Encourage time with friends. And finally, feel secure and comfortable in your relationship. Many couples claim to practice these actions all of the time, but these small but crucial gestures often go overlooked. Taking the time to be more attentive outside the bedroom is just another way to empower one another intimately over the long run!

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