Above and Beyond Skinny-Dipping

We’ve all seen the movies where the sultry vixen slinks off her suit and dives into the pool as her partner either looks on longingly, or subsequently joins in. When it comes to summer, Skinny-Dipping is one sexy act of foreplay that’s as old as time. However, as we find ourselves already amidst the height of summer, I wanted to offer some other more original ways to celebrate ‘waterproof’ intimacy with yourself or the one you love. The following tips are great intimacy boosters as they combine two of life’s most sensual indulgences: water and sex! Here are a few ways to get ‘wet and wild’ this summer, whether single or happily attached:

Go tropical. If you can’t get to the tropics, bring a little bit of that floral paradise into your own pool or bathtub by adding a little Island Breeze Romance Bubbles to your bathtub or Jacuzzi!

Go deep-sea diving. Hunt for your G spot, using a curved, waterproof vibrator like the Waterproof Chubby G!

Clean as you go. Thanks to the cleverly-disguised Pulsa Bath Ball, this bath sponge doubles as an exploration tool for self-pleasure.

Use the proper lubricant. Natural lubricants wash off easily and the successive friction can be painful so always be sure to use a silicone-based lubricant like Pure Pleasure which stays slippery underwater.

Make friends with shower accessories. How many women learned how to achieve an orgasm form the tub faucet? No need to contort any longer. Invest in a removable shower head so you can control the intensity of the spray and the temperature of the water.

Pilot your own submarine…. using a versatile toy like Bling Bling. Designed to stimulate both the clitoris and vagina at the same time Bling Bling is a great waterproof toy to enhance a shower or tub experience.

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