Shaking Things Up

When it comes to relationships, just taking the time to do the little things can make a world of a difference. So often I see couples get comfortable and begin to take one another for granted. Often times it’s not because they don’t love one another anymore, they’ve just become complacent; 9 times out of ten, it isn’t until the other partner is walking out the door that that person realizes what they have truly lost. Well, I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t have to get to that point in order for you and your loved one to actively appreciate one another.

That’s why in my book Pure Romance Between the Sheets, it was important to me to include a Calendar of Connections which offers a tip for each month to help keep your relationship exciting and spicy! Below are four additional tips on ways to shake up the routine and show your partner you care.

  • Wake up extra special early to cook breakfast, change the kids’ diapers or walk the dog. It will melt their heart when you surprise them by beating them to a chore they typically do.
  • Leave a thoughtful card in an unexpected place like the front seat of their car or under their windshield wiper. Want to add to the surprise? Accompany it with a piece of their favorite candy or the new CD of one of their favorite bands.
  • Surprise your partner with a note and an envelope of money for them to buy a new shirt or dress; the note will let them know that you want them to pick out something for the fabulous date of dinner and dancing you have planned later that evening.
  • Remember to do all of the little things you did in the beginning when your relationship was new. Whether it was surprising them with a bouquet of flowers or picking them up from the airport after a long business trip. It’s important to reenact the some of the behavior from our courtship days to make one another feel extra special.

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