Valentine’s Day on a Budget!

I believe the society has turned Valentine’s Day into a holiday all about finding the perfect card, gift or flowers for your partner. Stressing about the perfect gift can put a damper on this special day, especially during the current state of our economy. Everyone’s budget is getting tighter, so how do you have a special Valentine’s Day this year without breaking the bank? What I think most people are forgetting is it is a day to truly celebrate your relationship, whether that is the relationship you have with a partner or the relationship you have with yourself.

If you are trying to create a special day for your sweetie, remember some of the best surprises cost next to nothing! It doesn’t take a lot of money to bring a little spice back into the bedroom. For example, a bubble bath is a relaxing, but sexy, thing to do with your partner. While in the bath, you could try a waterproof vibrator. You and your partner could take bath time to a whole new level!

You might also try a sensual and relaxing massage. To kick the massage up a notch you can use a vibrator inside a massage mitten while you massage your partner. You could even try something as easy as lighting a candle or two during lovemaking. Pure Romance carries really great soy-based candles, such as our Burning Desire candle, that can be used to give massages, too. Pair the candles with our Hot Heart Massager for a steamy erotic massage.

Some other great, inexpensive, and easy ideas to add a little spice to the bedroom include a blindfold or handcuffs. Try both the blindfold and the handcuffs with Dust Me Pink. Sprinkle some of the Dust Me Pink on your partner, put on the blindfold and lick off the yummy spots all over their body. You and your partner can check out our website at There you can find just what you’re looking for at just the right price!

Now for all my single ladies! Valentine’s Day is often positioned as a day for couples, but I strongly believe that women need to spend some time loving themselves, too. Enjoy some tips for celebrating being single this Valentine’s Day (even if you’re on a budget!):

*Plan a night out with your other single friends. Gather the girls together and have your own Pure Romance party, where you can get a portion of the party sales in free product!
*Take a night off and enjoy a candlelit bubble bath and a good book. If you are still working to discover your best sexual self, I recommend reading my book Pure Romance Between the Sheets.
*Splurge on a nice bottle of wine, put on your favorite pj’s and watch one of your favorite chick-flick movies.
*Make yourself a fabulous dinner and try all new recipes.
*Buy yourself something online and choose the gift wrap option! If you are looking for that spicy gift just for you, visit Pure Romance online!
*My favorite part of Valentine’s Day is sharing feelings of warmth and love, so try volunteering at your local nursing home, hospital or food bank.

With a little creativity it’s easy to come up with fun, but inexpensive, ways to enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

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