Just Do It

Most of you have probably heard about the Texas minister who recently told his congregation to go home and have sex every night until they met again next Sunday. The lesson was simple: pay attention and commit to the importance of intimacy in your relationship with your partner. They interviewed the couples after the minister’s challenge, and many of the couples talked about the closeness and enhanced bond that was fostered immediately afterward. Some would argue that this was a sensational gimmick to gain media attention for a small congregation in Texas, but I can see that he was certainly on to something.

Through their commitment to share physical closeness and affection with one another, these couples were able to see the important role that intimacy plays in their relationships. Be careful not to use the excuse of “a lack of spontaneity” as a reason not to set time aside to be intimate. You’ll always have those impromptu moments where you’re overcome with passion, but sexual desire is a tricky and fickle thing; for those times (or days, months, and for some people, even years!) where you’re not in the mood, that’s when it’s MOST important to commit to this time with one another.

As you begin to think about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2009, Pure Romance has a challenge for you as well – sexuality is a healthy and vital part of your relationship so make a commitment to work to keep it fresh, exciting and alive. I’ve had so many different women come to me over the years and tell me that they love their partner so much but just aren’t in the mood – and that’s okay! There are so many factors that go into desire and arousal. As long as you and your partner have a healthy relationship filled with trust, communication and respect, it shouldn’t be difficult for the two of you to work to create or kindle an even greater desire. These same women have also told me that sometimes leaving their stresses at the bedroom door and just going with the flow has led them to really enjoying themselves in the process! So this New Year, when it comes to being intimate with the one you love, follow in the footsteps of one of the most motivational campaigns of the last few generations and “Just Do It!”

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