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Does Size Matter?
You will often hear my saying that “size doesn’t matter”, but it doesn’t mean that both men and women all over the country (and the world, for that matter) aren’t concerned with “size”. I hear women who are concerned about the size of their breasts and vaginas, as well as men who are concerned with the size of their penis. These are questions that I get often, so if you have been concerned by these issues, you are definitely not alone.

I want to spend a little time helping you to get re-acclimated with the basics behind human anatomy. I think armed with a little information, individual’s can learn how to embrace their bodies and use it to maximize their pleasure potential.

The average size of a vagina in its un-aroused state is about 3-4 inches. As a woman becomes aroused, her vagina produces natural lubrication and actually grows in size; this helps to accommodate penetration of a penis, finger, toy or other object. After arousal, the vagina grows to be about 5-6 inches. However, the average size of the male penis is about 5-7 inches. Because of these averages, foreplay becomes extremely important in order for women to experience pleasurable penetration. If you are an individual concerned with size (partner seems too large or too small) I encourage you and your partner to experiment with different positions to find the one that is right for you. For example, woman-on-top would allow you to control the depth of penetration to ensure your comfort, or front or rear entry spooning positions also tend to be comfortable for people experiencing pain during intercourse.

Moving Beyond Missionary, Chapter 9 in my new book Pure Romance Between the Sheets, is a perfect place to start for couples who are looking for new ways to expand on their ability to experience pleasure. I believe that when couples openly communicate about their concerns, fears, likes and dislikes, they are more apt to be satisfied with their sexual pleasure. Within this chapter, I cover not only great position suggestions for couples looking to learn or re-learn their bodies, but also some great suggestions for spicing up your relationship all year long!

also recommend couples spending more time during foreplay to help prepare your body for penetration. As previously stated, a woman’s body naturally produces lubrication and her vagina grows in size as she becomes aroused; this helps to ensure comfort and satisfaction during sexual activity. Spending more time during foreplay may help reduce the likelihood for discomfort, and increase arousal can help a woman to reach orgasm, all while giving both partners an opportunity to really “learn” about what feels good. I encourage individuals to visit our Web site and browse through our foreplay, massage, and bath products to find the right product for you. Shopping with a partner can make for a fun night of foreplay!

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