Sexploration At IU

Last week, Pure Romance co-sponsored Sexploration at Indiana University. This was the first sexual health week-long event sponsored by the IU Health Center, which was another of the major sponsors. Working with the college students is one of my top passions when it comes to my business because they are truly the future leaders of this country. When I present to the Human Sexuality students as part of the Pure Romance Naked Truth College Tour, I am thrilled that I am able to give them permission to learn more about their bodies and sexuality; not to mention, I’m able to help them take this openness and pay it forward to their own future patients when they become health care providers, sex educators or therapists years down the road. So many parents still do not talk to their children about the importance of communication and healthy relationships, and even as adults, people are still afraid to discuss the topic of sex. I’m so frustrated by this because we will never be able to learn how to have a healthy sexuality when sex continues to be such a heavily stigmatized subject! Needless to say, these students are hungry to gain more knowledge on a myriad of subjects (including sexuality) and to this day I find their excitement so contagious!

One of the main highlights of this particular Sex Week was a Ladies-Only Party that I did at Kilroy’s Sports on Thursday night. The event was about two hours long and I was able to laugh and have a great time with some female IU students. Plus, I got to do something that I truly enjoy, which is give away free product! Pure Romance provided free Silver Bullets to the first 100 women in the door, raffled off five $100 American Express gift cards, and I gave away all of the product that I demonstrated. It was such a great time! The week was a true success and Pure Romance was so excited to be involved! I am sure the event will be even more successful next year!

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