Girl Talk In The Ladies Room

The other day I was doing an interview and brought books for the reporter, producer and the videographer. After we were finished, I asked if they could direct me to the Ladies Room; when I emerged from the stall there was the videographer, book in hand and an intense look in her eye. After years of having women confide in me in the private Ordering Room as a Consultant, I could tell that she was looking for someone to talk to and I was more than happy to be that someone.

With tears in her eyes, she told me that she had been experiencing pain when she and her husband of 20-plus years were intimate with one another. This had been going on for over a year, but when she had approached her doctor she was quickly dismissed. Since then she had been quietly living with it; after all she and her husband “were more than happy in every other aspect of their marriage.”

It truly distressed me to hear this. This is why I spent so much time in my book emphasizing the importance of finding a health care provider who truly listens to you and works with you to find a solution no matter what the issue may be. In this particular case, this woman found herself in Chapter 3 (Beyond the Bedroom: Taking Care of Your Sexual Health) and with a new-found sense of self-assuredness she informed me that she would be taking Pure Romance Between the Sheets back with her to her doctor as evidence that she was “not crazy” and that this is an issue that plagues many women throughout the nation.

I can’t tell you how amazing it was for me to see first-hand how my book had empowered this woman and given her the confidence to speak out about her circumstances. Just seeing that I had already touched this one woman’s life was so rewarding to me – you could have told me that only one copy was published just for her and I would have been completely satisfied! I hope that women continue to find themselves in this book and that it continues to give them the permission to speak up without shame or embarrassment about sexuality and their sexual health.

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