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Stop and Thank You, Baby

PattyThanksgivingBlogI was sitting in an airport Starbuck’s the other day feeling especially grateful, when all of a sudden lyrics from a song playing on the radio interrupted my thoughts:  “I want to stop and Thank you, Baby.  How sweet it is to be loved by you.” Isn’t that always just the way? It also seemed very apropos with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Many people equate this song with romance, but the funny thing about it was that the first thing I actually thought of was my family and all of the amazing Consultants that have continued to inspire me for over 20 years in this business! Continue reading

How South Africa & Australia Taught Me the Meaning of Thanksgiving

My gift from Catherine from South Africa.

Last week, we all gathered around tables with our families and gave thanks over heaping plates of food. Personally, I entered Thanksgiving with a surge of gratefulness after visiting South Africa and Australia for their first Pure Romance National Conventions. I am not sure if I have the words to express how I feel after these trips, but here is my attempt to do the experience justice and describe how thankful and fortunate I am.

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