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Living in a Barbie World

When my daughter Lauren was a little girl, I gave her a Ken and Barbie for Christmas, and she opened up the Ken doll before the Barbie and cried for hours. She was so angry about not getting Barbie, I couldn’t get her to open any of her other gifts.

Barbie was introduced just a few years after I was born and was all the craze for decades and still mesmerizes girls throughout the world. Part of her popularity was that it was the first doll that was not a baby. She was fashionable and worldly. Nowadays, she seems to be capable of every career, from Dr. Barbie to just plain Sit-There-And-Look-Pretty Barbie. She appears to be able to do it all. I will even admit – one of my favorite T-shirts donned the words, “I want to be like Barbie, the Bi*ch has everything.” In all seriousness, how realistic is Barbie? Especially when it comes to her bodily dimensions?

A new doll called Lammily challenges the Barbie role model and attempts to provide girls with a doll that has a more realistic figure that they can relate to, and find accessible in their lifetimes. I love this!

I think about all of my granddaughters, and how delicate their self esteem can be at a young age; I’m so thankful they have dolls like this today that will teach them they don’t have to look like Barbie to be beautiful. Luckily, many of my granddaughters weren’t as into the whole Barbie thing as my daughter’s generation. However, I’m still excited to see that there are some other options out there that challenge the message Barbie is sending, and help to teach self-love and self-acceptance. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way, and that’s something every child should grow up knowing, and carrying into their adult relationships.

My Wish for All Mothers


After reading my daughter’s guest blog she wrote for me this Mother’s Day, I had to fight back the tears. I couldn’t help but think about all of the nights that I had spent lying in bed worrying and wondering if I’d given enough time to my kids.  There was a constant battle going on inside me.  Did I give more attention to one child over the other? Am I missing important time with my children while juggling my parties in the evenings – the little time I have with them between school and bedtime? As mothers, we’re always going to question ourselves when it comes to our parenting.

But hearing all of these memories – reliving them through Lauren’s eyes  – this was the best Mother’s Day gift she could have ever given me. I realized now, many years later, that the little things that at the time might have seemed so mundane – like sipping hot chocolate with my children in the kitchen on a cold winter day – these are the memories that stay with our children throughout the years. Working hard and being a Consultant also gave me the ability to provide luxuries like taking my kids to Disney World, but what I love most about her magical memory is that it wasn’t some amusement park ride that stood out in her mind, but her first time meeting Minnie Mouse.

Looking back, I’m so proud I was able to balance family and work and show my children a strong work ethic in the process. Those Mommy moments (“You can go play if you are back by 9 and straighten up your room…”) often hurt me to enforce more than it hurt them; however, it taught them that there were consequences if they didn’t keep their word.

Now that my children are raised, I see it wasn’t about how much time I was spending with them as much as the qualityof time we spent together. This speaks volumes to that Pure Romance Consultant out there every night doing parties – she is working hard so she can continue to make unforgettable memories for her family. Every day she will question if she’s a good mom or a bad mom, but I’m here to say that’s normal! When I’m on the road, Consultants always ask me how I was able to build my business and raise my family and let me tell you the truth: as a woman and mother, you always feel like you’re never doing enough. That’s okay. In the end, it’s the outcome that matters most and reading my daughter’s blog this weekend showed me a whole different perspective.

Below is an amazing video that shows how we often see ourselves much differently than our children see us. There’s no better day than Mother’s Day to take a moment to stop, reflect and know that we are doing the best we can! We wish you a Happy Mother’s Day from our Pure Romance Family to yours.

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