Holidays are for reconnecting

We’re getting into the rush of the holidays where we’re starting to ramp up the parties, the travel and the celebrations of getting together with friends and family. But how about using this time to reconnect with your partner?
An article from journalist Maria Shriver’s newsletter and written by Dr. Emily Morse reminds us that no matter how much we might love our partner, we notice that the honeymoon period is over and the day-to-day takes over. “Maybe you’re wondering why it seems harder to get in the mood,” Dr. Morse says. “Don’t worry! This is all completely normal and you can easily get back to a close, loving and passionate place.”

Dr. Morse has five tips to help us get reconnected with our partners, starting with reconnecting with ourselves. “When we’re feeling less connected to our partners, especially in the bedroom, it often means we’ve lost a little connection to ourselves,” she says. “Take some time to do something that relaxes you, whether it’s reading a book, taking a bath or having an interrupted glass of wine (or two).”

After that, she says it’s time to start paying attention to your partner, including:

  • Put the phone away “It’s been said that the average person checks their phone over 60 times a day,” Dr. Morse writes, “and that people who bring their phone to bed are two times more likely to engage with their phone than their partner.” Instead of scrolling through social feeds, she suggests spending that hour before sleep just being with your partner. “You’ll start to feel more connected when you unplug.”
  • Prioritize your relationship “We often forget to actually take the time to prioritize our relationship, especially when children are added to the mix,” the doctor says. “You might be parents, but you’re also lovers, remember that. Talk with your partner about ways that you can prioritize intimacy in your relationship, and take some time for yourselves.”

No matter how you do it, reconnecting with your partner takes communication and conversations, and what better way to do it than during the holiday season? It’s a good reminder for all of us to take the time to stop, reconnect and enjoy each other along with the holidays. Who knows where this new reconnection can lead—perhaps a second honeymoon??

By the way, Dr. Morse has two more suggestions for reconnecting with your partner, and you can read the entire article HERE.

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