Are You and Your Partner REALLY Compatible?

You’ve met someone who has swept you off your feet, to whom you feel totally attracted and, yes, the sex is pretty good, too. But once the glow of infatuation fades, are you two made for the long haul? Does being sexually compatible mean, you can be compatible in your overall relationship?

Actually, it can, according to an article from Psychology Today. Kristen Mark, Ph.D. “Perceiving sexual compatibility with a partner has been shown to be related to sexual satisfaction,” she writes, “such that the more sexually compatible you are, the more sexually satisfied you are.

“And researchers have consistently found that sexual satisfaction is also significantly positively related to relationship satisfaction; when one increases (or decreases), the other tends to follow.”

So what does compatible mean? It could be as simple as preferences in the bedroom. “If one of you always wants sex with the lights on but one of you always wants sex with the lights off, it may impact your compatibility and perhaps also your satisfaction,” Dr. Mark writes.

But thinking that you’re compatible can be as much of an indicator as having the same sexual preferences. “Regardless of whether you like to engage in the same sexual behaviors as your partner, as long as you perceive that you are compatible, you’ll be sexually and relationally satisfied.”

How do you know that you’re sexually compatible? Dating coach Cora Boyd in gives us four signs that experts say show you’re compatible, including:

  • Anticipating your partner’s needs, not just in the bedroom but in everyday life
  • Receiving feedback constructively. “A defensive person who can’t receive feedback from you gracefully won’t be willing to go to the next level without making it about themselves,” said Boyd.

Communication is the key! Make sure you and your partner talk about your likes and dislikes to make your relationship more compatible in all phases of your lives!

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