Helping women now, and in the future

How would you feel if you needed health care but couldn’t get it? What if your children needed to go to the doctor but there was not a pediatric medical facility close by? That’s the problem many women face now when looking for a doctor to take care of their sexual health.

The Patty Brisben Foundation is focused on serving women’s sexual health needs. It’s a need that is here now, and will be greater in the future, according to a study in the Journal of Women’s Health. The demand for women’s health care in the U.S. alone is estimated to grow by 6% by 2020—that’s only three months away!

Demand is expected to grow fastest in areas with the highest population jump (Texas, Florida), in the Western states where supply, the report says, is already less than adequate, and among Hispanic women. “This increase in demand by 2020 will translate into a need for physicians or nonphysician clinicians, which is clinically equivalent to 2,090 full-time ob-gyns,” the article notes.

The study also mentions what might happen to women’s health services without more facilities: “Ob-gyns in certain locations,” according to the report, “may have to limit their practice more and not assume expanded roles in addressing women’s primary care needs.”

That’s why the Patty Brisben Foundation is so passionate about research into women’s sexual health, and making sure facilities are available for women who need them, not just in the United States, but around the world. And that’s why we hold our Gala each year—this year on Saturday, October 12. “All That Glitters Is Glam” will be a lot of fun, but there’s a serious side to what we do—raise money so that all women can have adequate care for their sexual health concerns.

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, we’d love to see you at the Gala. If not, please consider donating to the Patty Brisben Foundation so your friends, neighbors and sisters here and around the globe can be assured that #sexualhealthmatters!

Read more on the study from the Journal of Women’s Health here!

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