Learning to Lead

More women are leading than ever before! Whether it’s on Capitol Hill or in the boardroom, more women than ever are in positions of authority. As a Pure Romance Consultant, of course, you know that, as you’re the CEO of your own small business! I remember the days when I was getting Pure Romance off the ground—as a single mom, supporting my family, juggling home and work, I was eager to learn anything I could to help me be a better leader and business person.

We hope you take advantage of the opportunities we offer, from weekend seminars to the upcoming World Conference in Las Vegas, to learn from our experts and from each other how to run your business. (In fact, today is the last day for registration to the World Conference, so make sure you sign up at http://events.pureromance.com/2019-world-conference/ now!)

A recent Forbes article lists some suggestions on how women can become better leaders. Dr. Betty Vandenbosch of Purdue University Global offers tips for all of us, including:

  • Actively listen. You’ll be able to work with your team more effectively, she says
  • Set regular meetings. It gives everyone a chance to talk about what’s going on
  • Don’t be afraid to change course. Innovative leaders are not afraid to change course when warranted, she says

Beth Gerstein, the Co-CEO of Brilliant Earth jewelry, has her own suggestions for female leaders, including:

  • Be persistent
  • Lead by example
  • You’re only as good as your team

All great ideas for our own lives, and our businesses. Don’t forget, stay a student and learn more about leadership at our World Conference next month!

Want to learn more? Here’s the link to the Forbes article.

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