Keeping Those Resolutions

Does it seem as if New Year’s Eve was so very long ago? Between decompressing from the holidays and (for many of us) shivering through snow and a deep freeze, it’s easy to forget we’re just three weeks into the new year—and, perhaps, into your New Year’s resolutions.

According to, about 60 percent of us admit that we make New Year’s resolutions but only about eight percent of us are successful in keeping them. Are you one of those who keeps resolutions, or by now, needs a reset? Whether it’s eating healthy, exercising more or learning a new skill, those resolutions show us that we have the desire to be a better person in 2019—but sometimes we need help keeping them.

An article on has some great tips on keeping those resolutions, beginning with the main question: Is this something you want to do for the rest of the year? If it is, then here are suggestions on becoming one of those eight percenters who keeps those resolutions, including posting about it on social media, so friends can support you, and letting yourself take breaks—don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep a resolution every day, every week.

Whether you are keeping your resolutions or want to start making resolutions today (it’s not too late!), it’s a great goal to look for ways to benefit yourself and, as a result, benefit your friends and family. Let me be the first to wish you a Happy New, New Year!

Here is’s list of 10 top resolutions for success and happiness this year and here are more tips on helping you keep your resolutions.

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