It’s Queen Bee Week!

For the hundreds of you who have signed up to do the virtual Queen Bee 4-Miler, this is the week you’ve been training for! Although you can do your four miles at any time, we’ve been suggesting doing them this week leading up to the Patty Brisben Foundation Gala Saturday night, where the money you raised will be donated to the Foundation.

For those who live in the Cincinnati area, where the Queen Bee Half Marathon and 4-Miler will be run, we encourage you to take part in the event Saturday morning. And if you need some inspiration, here’s Erin Lawry’s story.

Erin has been a Queen Bee ‘pacer’ (a runner who paces other runners to finish in a designated time) since the Queen Bee started four years ago. Erin’s been running since she was 31, and has finished 42 marathons to date. What an accomplishment!

But an even bigger accomplishment may have been the Queen Bee Half she walked last October. You see, two weeks before the Queen Bee, she had breast cancer surgery. Then, she walked all 13.1 miles with a drainage tube still in her body.

“I had no family history, no lumps, no symptoms, triple hormone negative, breast cancer gene negative,” she said. “I’m cancer free today thanks to a quick decision to visit a mammogram truck while running routine errands.”

Today, she’s cancer free and is an inspiration to so many—in fact, this spring she ran the Boston Marathon!  And yes, she’ll be back running the Queen Bee this weekend.

So as you complete your virtual Queen Bee this week, think about the women in your neighborhood and around the world who will benefit from your donations. And during October Breast Cancer Awareness month, don’t forget to get YOUR mammogram as well!

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