It’s National Training Week!


We are always so excited to welcome our consultants for our training sessions and conferences but we’re especially thrilled this week to bring everyone in to our home town of Cincinnati for National Training! It’s going to be an amazing opportunity to “stay a student” and learn from each other, and from our experts on how to run your business, increase sales and generally become a better CEO of your own company and your own life.

In fact, there is research supporting the idea of continuing your education beyond the classroom. Ben Fraley and Mark Schaefer wrote a blog for Integrity Technology Solutions about the importance of continuing to learn, especially in the business field. One of the most important points they brought up was you can increase your productivity and efficiency. “The more a person becomes skilled at their job,” they say, “the more work that can be done in less time.” (And don’t we all want that??)

Education keeps us up to date on trends and topics and makes us experts in our field. Read more from their blog at Want more support for the idea of learning beyond graduation? Read this article from our friends at The Muse

National Training gives you a great forum to learn more about your business and about yourself as a small business owner. If you haven’t checked the complete schedule, you can download the app for Pure Romance National Training 2017 for the latest on speakers, activities and more. Some of the highlighted speakers include:


  • Brian Biro, breakthrough coach
  • Brian Parsley, certified professional behavior analyst and human capital strategist
  • Debby Herbenick, MPH, PhD, human sexuality expert
  • Ian Kerner, PhD, American sex counselor and author
  • Janelle Evans, MD, FACOG, FPMRS, OB-GYN and Urogynecologist
  • Madeleine Castellanos, MD, physician and sex therapist
  • Patricia Moreno, entrepreneur
  • Robyn Benincasa, entrepreneur

And, of course, Chris and I will be speaking as well.

It’s not all classes, of course, there’ll be happy hours, workout sessions in the morning, and we’re going to the Reds game this weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing you at this week’s National Training. We hope you’ll come away inspired and ready for a great year with Pure Romance!

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