What Every Woman Needs to Know about Sex

You’ve had a great Pure Romance party, everyone is having a great time, and now it’s time to order some of our fabulous Pure Romance products. But when you come face to face with your clients in the order room, sometimes it’s hard to get them to talk honestly about what they want in their sexual relationships and how you can help them choose the Pure Romance product that is best for them. They sometimes feel it’s not something you talk about, or that it’s something where the partner should take the lead without any discussion.

Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, a psychiatrist with more than 15+ years specializing in sex therapy, a familiar face at our World Conferences and a long-time Pure Romance partner, had some great advice at our World Conference in Orlando for what women need to know about their sexual health.

The most important thing about sexual health, she said is to know that you are in control of it.

“Women are empowered,” she said, “and they can be empowered to make sure that they’re healthy physically, number one, and number two, to understand that they are the ones that are in control of their arousal, so don’t give that power away to anybody because it belongs to you.

“How you think about sex is going to affect your experience of it. It can enhance it, or it can be very negative. So don’t give that power away to your partner, expecting that they’re going to be responsible for your arousal. Learn how to create that for yourself.”

Remember that as Consultants, you have the unique opportunity to talk to your clients in a very intimate setting about being in control of their own sexual health and sexual desires.

How do you get your clients to open up about their own sexual needs?

I would love to hear from you!

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