Lubricants Are For Everyone and They Will Up the Pleasure!

Most of the time, I hear from women frustrated because their bodies aren’t producing enough lubrication to make sex pleasurable. But sometimes, I hear from women with the opposite problem. While your initial reaction might be that it’s great to be this turned on by your partner, being too wet can lead to feeling self-conscious and make sex less fun and enjoyable.

 Here are three things to consider.Unknow

Every woman is different, so there’s no “normal” amount of wetness during sex. When you’re aroused, your body produces fluid to prepare for sex. It’s typically clear and slippery, even a little sticky, and different from fluid that occurs during your monthly cycle. More wetness also might just mean you’re very turned on by your partner.

Hormonal changes, over your lifetime and over your cycle, can affect your body’s natural lubrication. Women often experience more wetness during sex when they ovulate, for instance, and many women need a little lubricating help after menopause.

Too much wetness can decrease friction during sex and reduce pleasure for you and your partner, but there are simple fixes you can try:  

  • Apply a specialty cream, such as Like A Virgin. Tightening creams can work to tighten and contract vaginal walls and improve sensation for both of you.
  • Use a textured, non-lubricated condom to increase friction for you and him.
  • Experiment with new positions. Many women with extreme wetness find that having sex with their legs pushed together gives just the right amount of friction.

And, for what it’s worth, wetness is an aphrodisiac for many men — and women. It’s a sign they’re doing something right for you, making you feel amazing. Try not to fret, have fun with your partner, and enjoy.

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